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Sony MDR7500 Series Professional Headphones

Sony’s range of professional headphones are engineered for a combination of strength, comfort and practicality and are used daily in broadcast and recording studios worldwide. Designed to accurately monitor the wide dynamic range and extended frequencies delivered by modern digital audio equipment, the MDR7500 series is precision manufactured using the highest grade materials. All Sony professional headphones come complete with a gold-plated Unimatch™3.5mm/6.3mm adaptor, and service manual detailing spare parts available through Sony’s dedicated professional service centers.

MDR7520 NEW!
As Sony's highest level of professional headphone, the 7520 is designed for critical listening applications. These headphones utilize ultra wideband 50mm HD driver units incorporating liquid crystal polymer film diaphragms, giving the listener high power handling capability with great durability and unparalleled sound quality. The 7520 employs newly developed noise isolation earpads with a pliable cushion material that conforms to the natural shape of the ear, providing comfort and high acoustic isolation. This model has a lightweight magnesium alloy housing to decrease weight and increase comfort, reduce fatigue, and help prevent unnecessary vibration, plus a detachable cable. Learn more
Designed for critical listening applications, the MDR7509HD headphone features newly developed HD Driver units that deliver ultra-wide dynamic range and incredible power handling capabilities. With 3,000 mW power handling capacity and 80kHz ultra high frequency reproduction, the MDR7509HD model precisely reproduces every nuance recorded using the latest generation of high-quality audio formats such as DSD or high sampling linear PCM. The 50mm HD Driver units utilize 360kJ/m3 high power neodymium magnets to reproduce clear midrange. Equally important to sound quality is wearing comfort. The MDR7509HD headphone features an Auranomic circumaural design – where the driver units have been designed in accordance with the angle of the ear, thereby helping to eliminate pressure on the ear and to reproduce a natural, wide soundscape. Learn More

The Structure of the HD Driver Unit

The newly-developed driver unit features a Reinforcement Ring between the voice coil and the diaphragm. It assists spreading ultra high frequency vibration generated by voice coil to the HD diaphragm with a coherent phase.
MDR7550 NEW!
Ideally suited for musicians who listen to custom-crafted mixes of vocals and stage instrumentation during live performance, this model utilizes large caliber 16mm dynamic drivers to enable a wide dynamic range with clear and accurate sound reproduction. The 7550 offers a unique multi-layer diaphragm (comprised of hundreds of layers of polymer, each less than 0.01-micron thick) and a flexible ear hanger made of TEKNOROTE™ material, which easily folds and maintains its shape, insuring a superior fit for each individual ear. Also included are newly developed hybrid silicone rubber earbuds, with three sizes to fit different ear types. Learn more
MDR7510 NEW!
An excellent choice for both reference monitoring and audio mixing applications, the 7510 extends the MDR-7500 line with a new fixed design of rugged construction. With 50mm drivers utilizing PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) diaphragms, these headphones provide a wide frequency response, broad dynamic range, and accurate sound reproduction. The 7510 offers high power handling capability and uses neodymium magnets and OFC (oxygen-free copper) voice coils. Noise isolation earpads with pliable cushion material conform to the natural shape of the ear and provide comfort and acoustic isolation. Learn more
An extremely high quality, unobtrusive reference headphone. The lightweight MDR7506 model has been engineered to be comfortable to wear for extended periods, making it ideal for use in broadcast and studio environments. A 40mm PET diaphragm and neodymium magnet provide performance exceeding the requirements of digital sources such as CD, MD and DAT. Learn more
Thanks to an acoustic design that positions the sound field very close to the ears, the MDR7505 headphone makes detailed listening possible, even in noisy environments. An Auto-Swivel earpiece enables single sided monitoring. The 40mm PET driver & neodymium magnet provide excellent sound quality and extended frequency response. An adjustable, padded headband offers durability and comfort. Oxygen Free copper cable is used to preserve signal quality. Learn more
A cost effective, general purpose headphone. The lightweight, closed design of the MDR7502 model allows long term use without listening fatigue. The neodymium magnet (used in all Sony professional headphones) is virtually five times more powerful than standard ferrite magnets, delivering dynamic sound, high sensitivity and deep bass response. Learn more

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