HD Electronic Viewfinder

Pricing available upon request

the HDVF-C30WR 2.7-inch(*1) HD Electronic Viewfinder. Equipped with a newly developed image processor and a new high-resolution LCD panel, it assures the user of comfortable and accurate focusing with more faithful color reproduction and enhanced focus-assist functions. These qualities make the HDVF-C30WR ideal for use with Sony's HD cameras and camcorders employed in movie-making, prime-time TV production, and commercial production where faithful color and accurate focusing are of critical importance. (*1): Viewable area measured diagonally.


  • 2.7-inch(*1) type 16:9 quarter HD (960 RGB x 540) color LCD
  • LCD panel protection mechanism for suppressing sun-beam burnout of the LCD panel: delivers superior durability when compared to the previous model (HDVF-C30W)
  • Natural Peaking function: allows focusing with sharper peaking in a lifelike image
  • Color Peaking function: a newly developed function which shows the shooting object's focused area in actual colors
  • Dot-by-dot Picture Magnification function with six-selectable areas
  • Luminance Level Indicator for checking the luminance level of a signal
  • Individual designated signal levels (from 0% to 105%, in 10% increments) can be easily monitored in color
  • S-LOG gamma support
  • Color space matching with the F35/F23(*2)
  • Selectable color temperature: 6500K(standard)/5600K/9300K
  • Detachable eye-piece
  • (*1): Viewable area measured diagonally
  • (*2): The F35/F23 must be version 1.4 or later