7" OLED HD Electronic Viewfinder

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OLED 7.4” View Finder for HD portable camera such as for HDC SERIES CAMERA (HDC1400/1400R,1450/1450R, HDC1500/1500R,1550/1550R,HDC-P1) and HSC300 -High resolution, high contrast, and faithful color reproduction - especially for black * Provides a wide color gamut, a fast response time, and a wide viewing angle, which helps users to easily adjust the focus. * A unique mechanism for camera mounting allows highly flexible viewing positions - from high to low and left to right.


  • 7.4-inch quarter HD (960 x 540) OLED panel packed with advanced OLED display technologies
  • High contrast and wide dynamic range, thanks to OLED panel characteristics such as deep black color
  • Focus Assist function supports accurate focusing
  • Image Magnification function magnifies just the portion of the image that is in the viewfinder display
  • Peaking Plus function enhances the edge of an object by color, area selected, or both
  • Flexible position adjustment mechanism

General Specifications Detail:
Power Requirements 10.5 V to 17.0 V DC (supplied by the camera)
Power Consumption 19.5 W
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +45℃ (-4℉ to 113℉)
Mass 3.5 kg (7 lb 11 oz)
Panel 7.4-inch (188 mm) color OLED panel
Effective Picture Size 164 x 92 mm (6 1/2 x 3 5/8 inches)
Effective Pixels 960 (H) x 540 (V) x 3 (RGB)
Brightness 350 cd/m2
Resolution 500 or more lines
Color Temperature D65
Camera Connector Round 20-pin (x1)

Supplied Accessories

Model: Description: U.S. List Price:
Indoor hood
Number plate
V-wedge shoe attachment
Hexagonal wrench
Socket head cap screws
Cleaning cloth
Connecting cable
Operation manual

Optional Accessories

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VFH790 View FInder Hood Pricing available upon request Get details

Product Brochure

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HDVF-EL70/75 HD Electronic Viewfinder pdf / 561K Download now