Real-time, high definition H.264/AVC and MPEG-2 software encoder for Blu-ray Disc applications.

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The BAE-VX1000 Blu-code encoder is a strictly compliant Blu-ray Disc encoder that supports all features and parameters in the BD Specification. All profiles and levels are supported for H.264/AVC and MPEG-2 compression, including the more advanced CABAC (Content Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding) algorithm for H.264/AVC encoding. In addition, the innovative multi-threaded design allows simultaneous processing on either a single workstation or license-free distributed processing system, and also supports DVD encoding with all profiles, levels and features supported in the DVD specification.


  • New Features in Version 3.0:
  • Noise Reduction Filters Includes updated encoding algorithms, pre-designed low pass filter templates and de-noise filtering for CG, camera noise and film grain management. De-banding filters have also been added.
  • New Scaling Lists Increase simplicity in encoding with pre-designed AVC scaling lists for complex and demanding content, via simple template selection.
  • Built-in Disc Image Creator Create BR-ROM compliant image files of encoded projects, then, using applications like DVD Architect Pro 5 software, users can immediately burn the multiplexed image files directly to BD-R discs for playback on consumer BD players, providing a fast and efficient means for quality control, dailies and client approvals.
  • Result View with A/B Split Screen playback View and Q/C encoded streams against the uncompressed source material in a synchronized split-screen display on a professional monitor. Users can define horizontal and vertical wipe partitions for real-time playback comparisons of the uncompressed source and decoded compressed stream synchronized in the user interface via SD/HD-SDI output.
Features Benefits:
Supports all Blu-ray Disc Video Formats. IWith Codec flexibility to meet both encoding speed and picture quality demands, it supports all standard Blu-ray Disc video system frequencies, and secondary video streams Blu-code encoder.
Blu-ray Disc Compliance. The Blu-ray Disc specification is very strict and complex, and the BAE-VX100 Blu-code encoder streams fully adhere to this criteria.
3 Modes of H.264/AVC Encoding, Scalable Configuration. The Blu-code encoder provides 3 real-time H.264/AVC encoding quality modes that are optimized to run on a scalable system configuration ranging from a single workstation to a license free distributed processing system: •Express Mode: Real-time H.264/AVC encoding with a single workstation. •Speed Mode: Real-time H.264/AVC encoding with a distributed encoding system (3 encoding PCs), to balance picture quality and encoding time. •Quality Mode: Real-time H.264/AVC encoding with a distributed encoding system (4 encoding PCs), for the highest picture quality
Supports both H.264/AVC and MPEG-2. Create H.264/AVC or MPEG-2 high definition video streams that are compatible with BD-ROM and BD-R/RE formats. MPEG-2 Standard Definition video streams for the DVD format can also be created
Workflow Efficiency. The Blu-code encoder can reduce the total working time of an encoding series up to 30% compared with Sony’s previous encoders. The following are powerful functions that all contribute to significantly reducing encoding time.
Superb Picture Quality. Sophisticated encoding algorithm makes it easy to obtain superb picture quality. The system defaults can be used for exceptional results, or the encoding parameters can be fine tuned to the individual content
High-Speed MPEG-2 Encoding. The Blu-code encoder provides 2 faster than real-time MPEG-2 encoding quality modes on a single workstation. Performance speeds can be further improved with a license free distributed processing system: •Speed Mode: .6x faster than real time with a single workstation. •Quality Mode: .7x faster than real time with a Single workstation.

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