Recordable Media

Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX

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Designed specifically for Betacam equipment, Betacam tape is the broadcast standard videocassette from Sony.

Digital Betacam

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BCT-D is a new stage of metal videocassette tape in terms of durability and long-term archive capability.


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DVCAM tape is the choice for professional 6mm recording, featuring more DLC and a professional album case.


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HDCAM is the most widely used high-end HD recording format.


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HDCAM SR Series cassettes contain the most advanced metal particle tape in Sony’s ½” broadcast tape family.


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Achieve high data transfer rates and long recording times for day-to-day operations.


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SxS-1 cards support 1.2Gbps transfers resulting in faster ingest time for professional HD video applications.


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AIT drives have a self-cleaning mechanism, so frequent use of cleaning cartridges is not necessary.

Digital Master

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Digital Master was designed to offer a cost-conscious upgrade path from SD HD video.


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Sony LTO storage cartridges provide high capacity and high-speed transfer for archival of critical data.

Optical Disc Archive

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Optical Disc Archive cartridge is Mass storage Media with proven optical disc.

Portable Storage

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Sony professional hard disk and solid state drives come with a protective hard case ready for transport or storage.

Pro SD Cards

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SD Cards for Professionals


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Sony's Error Correction Technology enables extended SSD life, dependable high speed recording and transfer.

XQD Memory Cards

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Unique media technology enabling efficient high speed data writing, dependable recording of 4K video.

Pro Media Videos

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SxS Device Driver for Windows

It is always recommended to use the latest version of SxS device driver.
Download available in this page.
• Latest Version for Windows PC: Ver:
• Latest Version for Mac : Ver:

SxS Device Driver for Windows Ver. has supported Windows 8.

SxS Divice Driver for Windows Ver is required to support SxS Memory Card Management Software Utility.

SxS Device Driver for Windows Ver. and Mac Ver. will support SxS Memory Card which is UDF-formatted with XDCAM device for use with Windows PC/Mac.

IMPORTANT: To use a UDF-formatted SxS Memory Card with Windows PC/Mac, it is required to install SxS UDF Driver in addition to the above SxS device driver. Please check the details here.

When using 'SBAC-US10' or connecting XDCAM/XDCAM EX device to PC/Mac via USB interface, SxS Device Driver is not required.

Supported OS (operating systems)
Recommended Windows OS Environment
• Windows XP (32bit) Service Pack 3 or later/
• Windows XP (64bit) Service Pack 2 or later/
• Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later/
• Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later
• Windows 8

NOTE: OS must be factory-installed. Operation is not guaranteed for operating systems later than those described above.

Driver Information
File Name: SxS_Drv_Installer_win_v130.exe
File Size (before compression): Approx. 5.2MB 
Release Date: Oct.26, 2012

Download & Install Instruction
1. Please read the software license agreement and go to accept if you agree to the terms and conditions.
2. Download the 'SxS_Driver_Installer_zip' to a temporary or download directory.
3. Make sure to disconnect SxS memory card and to quit all other applications before SxS Device Driver installation.
4. Unzip the file and start the installation according to the message of the installer window.
5. After installation is completed, click the [Restart] button.
6. Insert an SxS memory card into ExpressCard slot. SxS memory card will be recognized as removable drive.

How to Check Driver Version
1. Install SxS Device Driver and restart computer according to the message window.
2. Insert an SxS memory card into ExpressCard slot.
3. Open 'Device manager' to check the driver version 'Device manager' → 'Memory Technology Driver' → 'SxS memory Card' → (Right Click) → 'Property' → 'Driver' → Version

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