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Designed to deliver advances in dynamic range, frame capture speed and low-light performance.

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Experience Sony's latest technology in HD security.

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Learn how Sony's 360-degree hemispheric cameras can help you meet your customer requirements.

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View Sony's expansive line of network rapid ptz cameras.

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From schools to banks, parking lots to stadiums, Sony has the security solution for you.

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Sony's IP video monitoring software based on the DEPA platform is ideal for various security applications.

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Transportation surveillance from Sony

Transportation is a torture test for surveillance cameras, all too often yielding unrecognizable images. But where ordinary cameras can't cut it, Sony IPELA ENGINE® EX Series IP cameras shine. It's no surprise that this advancement comes from Sony. We're the experts in cameras everywhere from cinematography to cell phones. More than a new model, IPELA ENGINE EX Series cameras represent a whole new generation of outdoor and indoor IP surveillance.

Manage changing light

From the severe backlight of low sun to high noon to midnight, Sony excels. Overcome high-contrast scenes with View-DRĀ® technology, Sony's proprietary wide dynamic range solution. In low-light environments where detail and color may have been hard to detect in the past, see clearly thanks to Sony excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction (XDNR®) and Visibility Enhancer technologies.

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Sometimes ordinary cameras may miss color that XDNR preserves.

(Actual images)

XDNR can dramatically reduce speckling and blur.

(Actual images)

Ordinary exposure misses the person in the foreground; View-DR captures him.

(Actual images)

Visibility Enhancer (right) sees into the shadows, improving color.

(Actual images)

Control platform shake

When a train pulls in or passes by, camera platforms shake, making images that much harder to interpret. Sony Image Stabilization comes to the rescue. Based on decades of expertise in digital video processing, our advanced algorithm makes video far more stable-and more usable.

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Freeze vehicle motion

Transit means motion. Select IPELA ENGINE Series cameras can keep pace, streaming up to 1080-line high definition at up to 60 full progressive frames per second (1080/60p). That's twice as fast as typical HD broadcasting, which can only deliver 60 interlaced fields per second (1080/60i). The result? Extraordinary detail and clarity on moving vehicles.

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