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The PCS-XG80 and PCS-XG55 offer full HD, at just the right price for HD over IP.


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Sony offers a variety of accessories for use with our video conference products.


Introducing the new PCS-XG80/PCS-XG80S

Sony Video Conferencing Rebate Program

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With an aggressive focus on strengthening its market position, Sony IPELA Visual Communications will strategically enhance its sales and distribution "go to market" channel approach. Effective immediately the group will utilize a single "Master Distributor" to manage all Sony IPELA Visual Communications Endpoint and Accessory products.

The "Master Distributor" that Sony has selected is Spire Global, based in southern California. Spire Global will take over and support Sony's Video Conferencing reseller and distributor networks in the contiguous 48 United States as well as Alaska. Spire Global's business expertise resides in the Video Conferencing space and they are staffed with a dynamic, well proven team of seasoned industry professionals. Additionally, Spire Global, Inc. will focus on driving demand at the end-user level through its experienced national sales force and is prepared to provide pre and post sales service and support programs for Sony Video Conferencing product customers.

Effective immediately, Spire Global will stock all Sony IPELA Video Conferencing endpoint and accessory products on an exclusive basis. As a Master Distributor, Spire Global will sell those products to other VC distributors and resellers but will not sell products directly to end-users. All Sony Video Conferencing products will be ordered from Spire Global. Spire Global will effectively provide the sales, distribution and service support functions for the IPELA Video Conferencing group.

The current portfolio is presently being enhanced with product upgrades ranging from improved echo cancellation to enhanced camera performance. Additionally, Sony IPELA Visual Communications will continue to focus on expanding important strategic alliances with key technology companies to augment its market presence.

The use of a Master Distributor should positively influence every aspect of Sony's IPELA Visual Communications business. The "go to market" channel strategy will be very pro-active. As a result, new business development will proceed and distribution logistics will be optimized.

For immediate assistance on Sony Video Conferencing equipment, call Spire Global at 888-807-7473 or email Spire Global at

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