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The PCS-XG80 and PCS-XG55 offer full HD, at just the right price for HD over IP.


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Introducing the new PCS-XG80/PCS-XG80S

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Two years ago we introduced Sony's first IPELA™ High Definition Visual Communications System, the PCS-HG90. Now we are pleased to introduce the next generation IPELA High Definition Visual Communications System, the PCS-XG80. This groundbreaking, "industry first" system offers up to 1080i HD resolution at an affordable price point, enabling dynamic real-time collaboration with up to six participants.

As display and screen sizes become larger, so do the image sizes, which is why high definition videoconferencing systems are so critical. High definition images provide approximately four times more detail than standard definition images, delivering fine detail and true depth and dimension to the visual communication experience.

With Sony's legacy in HD innovation, it's only natural that we produce the definitive HD communications tool with life-like images and natural, stereo sound. The PCS-XG80 system is a robust, powerful system housed within a compact codec that performs ideally for business applications needing real-time communications at a higher level of HD performance. It's available as a package, or the codec may be purchased separately.

In addition to providing true 1080i HD performance, the PCS-XG80 system offers a number of exciting new features such as BrightFace™ technology, dual streaming from a video and a PC source, user-friendly setup, an optional electronic pen tablet (provided by a third party) for spontaneous data sharing, and SD compatibility – unique features that facilitate natural, effortless HD videoconferencing.

With the PCS-XG80 HD Visual Communications System, you now can attain "affordable HD" from the company that brought HD to the forefront. High definition. It's in our DNA.


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