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HDV NLE Workflow Documents

HDV NLE Workflow

Download the HDV editing process with the following non-linear editors: Sony Vegas, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, Thomson EDIUS and Adobe Premier Pro.

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HDV Tools and Downloads

Find important tools for your HDV gear. Workflow and editing guides and important software and plug-in downloads including the World Cam Upgrade Program.

Tools and Downloads

World Cam Upgrade


Instructional Videos

Raise your HD camcorder IQ with these informative videos.

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Beyond the Codec

Advanced Technologies

Beyond the Codec.

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Additional Resources

Cool Tools

Below are cool tools for shooters. Designed to improve production quality and workflow, they are great companions to Sony's HDV camcorders. Visit these manufacturer's websites for more information on these products.

Make the Most of Your Sony Camcorder with a High Quality Test Chart

Most modern cameras make great looking pictures "straight out of the box". So why do virtually all DPs and professional camera operators spend valuable time shooting test charts? The answer is that they are used to match colors shot under various light sources, and to ensure that a camera is performing optimally.

For example, a camera could have one scene file adjusted for shooting a news set under fluorescent light, another for studio use illuminated by tungsten, another to the HMI in sports stadiums. A few seconds spent with a test chart on the set not only enables color correction of such scenes, but also helps in scene-to-scene matching in post.

It is invaluable to include in the head leader of a production an accurate colorbar and grayscale pattern. This enables a precision correction factor to be applied when converting from one electronic imaging system to another.

To sum up; modern cameras make good looking pictures, but an accurate test chart lets you to produce the exact "look" you want and, even better, you can reproduce that identical look tomorrow, next month or in five years time - you're in control.

Royalty Free Video

Stock Footage - Royalty Free: Stock Footage and Stock Video collections start at $149.99 for 30 minutes of royalty free stock footage and video.

Broadcast quality stock footage and stock video comes from quality video sources like the Sony HVR-Z1U. Wrightwood Labs also believes in the use of Tripods.

Wrightwood Labs offers one of the most extensive and varied collections of royalty free stock footage and video to be found anywhere.

If you need stock footage or digital video, royalty free stock footage collections are the best value to be found.

Sony Professional Services & Programs

Lower costs, increase control and maximize uptime with Sony, a leader in Professional Services.

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Since 1970, Sony Training Institute, the industry education leader, has trained thousands of video professionals like you on the latest service technologies and production techniques. In addition to offering production and post production courses taught with entirely digital or a mixture of digital and analog equipment, Sony Training Institute provides workshops designed specifically to put you on the right track in your transition to digital.

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Technical Support

Sony Business Solutions & Systems Product Operations Support Center (POSC)

The Product Operational Support Center (POSC) provides telephone assistance for support matters relating to application operation, configuration, and installation of Sony Business and Industrial products.

Hours of Operations: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 8:00pm Eastern Time
Phone: (800) 883-6817 for product operations support

When calling POSC:

1. Select "2" for US customers at the auto-attendant prompt.
2. Listen for the Product category descriptions then make the appropriate selection.

Sony Business Solutions & Systems Technical Assistance Network (TAN)

TAN provides telephone support for technical and repair issues for Sony Business Solutions & Systems products.

Hours of Operation: 8:30am - 8:00pm Eastern Time
Phone: NEW TOLL FREE NUMBER (866) 766-9272

When contacting your local service center:

1. Select "service" at the auto-attendant prompt.
2. Then select option "1" for TAN.
3. Listen for the Product category descriptions then make the appropriate selection relative to the product being serviced. Your call will be routed to the next available Service Engineer specifically trained for that Model.

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