HXR-NX100 Compact Camcorder Overview

UWP-D Series Wireless Mics. Digital sound. Affordable Price.

Now you can get the digital sound quality you want at an affordable price. With more than 50 years of microphone innovation, our UWP-D wireless microphones are the ideal audio-for-video solution that will boost the performance of even entry-level camcorders.

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HXR-NX3 Goes Above and Beyond For New Documentary

Meg Prior, veteran cinematographer and filmmaker, needed a small, versatile, durable and rugged enough camcorder to withstand the heat and dust of an Afghanistan warzone. Learn why the HXR-NX3 was selected.

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Super 35mm image sensor

When it comes to image sensors, size definitely matters. Other things being equal, a bigger sensor equates to better low-light sensitivity and lower image noise. Bigger sensors also make it easier to capture wide-angle shots; the field of view is wider for any given focal length lens. Even more important to some photographers is the pursuit of "bokeh," the defocused backgrounds made possible by shallow depth of field. A common technique for directing audience attention within the frame, shallow depth of field is far easier to achieve with a large sensor. And that's exactly what the NEX-FS100U delivers, with a single sensor that closely approximates the Super 35mm motion picture frame size.

Interchangeable lenses

Non-professionals imagine that cameras take pictures. Professionals understand that to a large extent, it is the lens that takes the picture. After all, the lens controls your field of vision, focus, and aperture. The NEX-FS100U is a platform for interchangeable lenses--a simple fact that multiplies your photographic possibilities. Changing lenses is an essential component of creative control.

File-based workflow

The NEX-FS100U represents a straight line from image acquisition to post production. In the edit bay, the popular AVCHD™ codec enables file-based operation with select nonlinear editors. The modest bitrate of AVCHD recording also enables fast, easy file transfers over data networks and affordable storage on hard disk arrays. Instead of burdening your production with data wrangling and backup headaches, Sony provides robust reliable solutions.

Sony E Series lens mount

The Sony Alpha NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras marked the debut of a new lens mount, designed expressly for mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras that shoot stills, video or both. Because video shooting was a consideration from the outset, Sony E Mountâ„¢ lenses have far quieter focusing motors than conventional AF still lenses. Your videos are less likely to be interrupted by the whine of AF motor noise. E Mount lenses currently include a 16mm F2.8 wide angle "pancake" lens (SEL16F28), an 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS zoom lens with Optical SteadyShot® image stabilization (SEL1855) and an 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS zoom with Optical SteadyShot image stabilization (SEL18200).

A universe of 35mm lenses

The NEX-FS100U is your gateway to an enormous range of 35mm lenses including SLR, DSLR and specialty glass. The worldwide success of Sony's NEX-3 and NEX-5 E Mount cameras, combined with the E Mount system's unusually short 18mm flange-back distance has created a wealth of opportunities. Photo enthusiasts have discovered that many classic lens series will cover this NEX-5 sensor via simple third-party adaptors. Not only do these adaptors enable you to attach a broad range of primes and zooms, but you can even use specialty lenses including tilt-shift and bellows models, for extraordinary creative freedom.

Sony Professional Services & Programs

Lower costs, increase control and maximize uptime with Sony, a leader in Professional Services.

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Since 1970, Sony Training Institute, the industry education leader, has trained thousands of video professionals like you on the latest service technologies and production techniques. In addition to offering production and post production courses taught with entirely digital or a mixture of digital and analog equipment, Sony Training Institute provides workshops designed specifically to put you on the right track in your transition to digital.

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