HXR-NX30U Compact Camcorder Overview

The Smart Camcorder

Sony's HXR-NX3/1 is a compact camcorder with three Full HD Exmor® CMOS sensors boasting features like Wi-Fi capability, a high performance G Lens, 20x Optical Zoom PLUS Clear Image Zoom to 40x, HD-SDI and GPS. It combines Sony's leading lens and sensor technology with a large-scale integration (LSI) chip. The result is advanced noise reduction and distortion correction technologies to handle image processing, allowing clear, low-noise recordings even in low-light with enhanced texture and detail.

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Video Journalist Backpack Action Cam Rebate Productions on the go
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Our customized Video Journalist Backpacks are designed for the one-man band videographer and are ideal for professionals, students or up-and-coming video journalists. Most VJBK Series packs are equipped with the tools necessary for capturing high-quality video, audio, editing, lighting and even teleprompting in this turn-key package! We've also added a smaller, streamlined "Express" package, offering the same high-quality content-capture capability as the other packages, but with fewer items and a lower price point. But we didn't stop there – we've added all the necessary accessories required to help you make video magic.

Click here to see how the VJBK Series packs are used at WSU Edward R. Murrow College.

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The Video Journalist Backpack Series includes:

The centerpiece of each pack is a compact professional camcorder. These amazingly high-quality, small-format, full high-definition video cameras come with a full professional audio interface capability. Also included in the package are key pieces of equipment necessary to help you create professional-quality videos.

Professional Audio
The UWP wireless microphone system provides a body pack lavalier microphone for talent. The UWP mic system will send exceptionally high-quality audio wirelessly to the camera for distances up to a couple of hundred feet away, and will even scan automatically for the best of any of the 188 available wireless frequencies, making the system very easy to use. Also included is a V mount adapter that can be used to attach the wireless receiver to the hot shoe of the camera, along with the light for when you're shooting on the tripod or on the go. In addition to the UWP system, the kit also includes an F-112 hand-held microphone that can be used in either a wired or wireless configuration for that stand-up "news style" look. As part of the audio package, we've also included a pair of MDR-7506 pro headphones for critical listening of your audio sources. Don't forget, a video that is produced with poor-sounding audio is a clear indication to your viewers that yours was not a professional video production. In our Journalist Backpack, we've got your audio needs covered! (Note: The Express package contains the MDR-7506 pro headphones and an ECM-XMI camera-mounted shotgun mic.)

Included in all packages (except VJBK-XPRS) is Sony's Xperia™ tablet PC which can be used for playback of clips in the field, or alternately as a teleprompter. It can also be used for watching videos you've just shot, as well as for researching information on any of the items included in this kit!

Included in all packages (except VJBK-XPRS) is Sony Creative Software's Vegas® Pro Software. Vegas Pro is perfect for editing the clips just captured, and for adding that finished look to video creations.

A video tripod is essential for not only keeping the camera steady during interview shots, but also for making smooth pans and tilts through the use of a fluid tripod head. A heavy-duty tripod is included with the PMW-100, PMW-200 and PMW-300K1 cameras, and a tripod with a built-in remote control comes with the HXR-NX30U camera.

The kit also contains an "on-camera" LED video light. Having proper lighting on your subject can make a big difference in the quality of your video. This light is dimmable and can be set to match both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions, and is even cool to the touch. It also uses the same rechargeable batteries that the camera uses, or AA batteries.

All of the cables, batteries and charger, lens cleaning kit, additional memory card, and other accessory items that you'll need to take full advantage of this portable camera production package are included.

The backpacks have been selected for maximum protection of your gear, and include a rain cover and a work mat to lay out your gear, as well as providing a lightweight and easily portable storage solution for the equipment provided in this kit. A more compact backpack is provided for the VJBK-XPRS pack, and a bag with a trolley is provided for
the VJBK-1THP300 pack.

Training Videos
View the videos below to learn more about the major pieces included in the Video Journalist Backpack series.
Pack Assembly/Disassembly Animation
Settings and Operation

Choose from the following VJBK Series Backpack options:

Comes equipped with the entry-level HXR-NX30U NXCAM® compact professional HD camcorder, an amazingly high-quality, small-format, full high-definition video camera with a full professional audio interface capability. Includes Sony's tripod with built-in remote control.

Click here for more information on the HXR-NX30U NXCAM camcorder.

Features the more advanced PMW-100 XDCAM® compact professional HD handy camcorder, with high resolution, high sensitivity, low noise, wide dynamic range, as well as a 50Mbps MPEG HD422 codec. Includes a heavy-duty tripod.

Click here for more information on the PMW-100 XDCAM camcorder.

Centers around the ultimate pro-level PMW-200 XDCAM compact Full HD camcorder, with exceptional picture quality, true professional operation, and amazing low-light shooting capability with three 1/2" CMOS sensors, as well as a 50Mbps MPEG HD422 codec. Includes a heavy-duty tripod.

Click here for more information on the PMW-200 XDCAM camcorder.

Features the PMW-300K1 camcorder with three ½-inch Exmor® Full HD CMOS sensors, which record Full HD video at up to 50Mbps using MPEG HD422 compression. This semi-shoulder mount camcorder also comes with an interchangeable lens system and a high resolution QHD viewfinder. Includes a heavy-duty tripod and trolley.

Click here for more information on the PMW-300K1 XDCAM camcorder.

Includes the HXR-NX30U NXCAM compact professional HD camcorder as its centerpiece, with the ECMXM1 camera-mounted shotgun microphone, MDR-7506 pro headphones, plus an on-camera lighting kit, video tripod with remote control and various accessories. Its compact size and lower price point make it a smart, economical choice for video students in grades K-12.

Click here for more information on the HXR-NX30U NXCAM camcorder.

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