BVM-E / BVM-X Series

BVM-E / BVM-X Series

Sony's top of the line BVM Series OLED reference monitors bring out the full performance capabilities required for critical picture evaluation where accuracy, stability and consistency are everything.

BVM-E Series
for digital cinema evaluation



BVM-X Series
for 4K cinema evaluation



PVM Series

Sony's compact, all-in-one OLED picture monitors for a wide range of applications, delivering unparalleled picture quality with performance features and functions found in more expensive monitors.

TRIMASTER EL Technology Video

TRIMASTER EL Technology Video



Give it your best shots

Introducing the BVM-X300 TRIMASTER EL® monitor

Nothing displays your best work like Sony’s best monitor, the new BVM-X300. It’s the latest and most advanced of Sony’s award-winning TRIMASTER EL monitors, the de facto standard in professional color grading and quality control. The BVM-X300 is a triple threat, building upon Sony’s TRIMASTER EL technology with three distinct breakthroughs.

The best monitor for your 4K cameras

This is the very first BVM monitor with full 4K resolution. Not only can you scrutinize your 4K Digital Cinema material with pixel-for-pixel accuracy, but you can also see it in full Sony TRIMASTER EL quality. The monitor accepts 3G-SDI Quad-link sources up to 4096 x 2160, YCbCr 4:2:2 10-bit at frame rates up to 59.94p/60p.

High Dynamic Range has arrived

Sony TRIMASTER EL monitors have always had outstanding dynamic range, with night-time city skylines shining forth against a background of beautiful black. Now Sony goes even further. The new HDR mode combines Sony’s legendary black levels with amazing peak brightness. So you can reveal the full impact of HDR imagery without crushing, clipping or compression.

The widest color gamut, ever

Thanks to Sony’s ultra-pure primaries, the BVM-X300 can reproduce an unprecedented range of colors, including exceptionally deep reds and pure greens. This enables the monitor to cover a choice of color gamuts: Digital Cinema P3, HDTV Rec. 709, SMPTE-C and most of the ITU-R BT.2020 specification* for Ultra HD.

Plus all the performance of
Sony TRIMASTER EL monitors

Of course, the BVM-X300 retains everything professionals love about TRIMASTER EL monitors, all of which incorporate Sony’s patented Super Top Emission OLED panels. While milky black levels have affected monitors dating back to classic CRTs, with Sony TRIMASTER EL monitors, when a pixel is off, it’s completely off. So black levels are breathtaking and grayscale linearity is superb. Where LCD monitors measure pixel switching speed in milliseconds, Sony TRIMASTER EL monitors switch in microseconds: three orders of magnitude better. Pictures maintain phenomenal uniformity from edge to edge. Colors stay consistent at all brightness levels. Viewing angle extends 89 degrees off axis up, down, left or right. And Sony TRIMASTER EL monitors deliver rock-solid consistency from unit to unit and month to month.

Today your clients have a choice of HD or 4K, a choice of standard grayscale or HDR, and a choice of Rec. 709 or Rec. 2020. But to see it all, there’s just one choice: the Sony BVM-X300.

* Meets 80% of the ITU-R BT2020 gamut specification

Click here to view the BVM-X300 4K OLED Master Monitor brochure.
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