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Sony Media Backbone Solutions: Workflows, not work-arounds

Sony Media Backbone Solutions: Workflows, not work-arounds.

Once you get past the glittering promises of file-based workflow, the reality can be sadly lacking. Incompatible file types and delivery formats trip you up. Duplicated efforts slow you down. What should be smooth and fast is all too often bumpy and sluggish. That's why Sony developed Media Backbone™ solutions, the portfolio of powerful tools to help you plan, orchestrate, streamline and manage your file-based workflow. Media Backbone tools handle everything from enterprise wide workflow orchestration to broadcast news and sports production, content management, file-based archiving and more.

It's no surprise that the company behind Media Backbone solutions is Sony. We helped drive the transformation from analog production to digital, from linear to file-based and from SD to HD. Today we're helping to set the agenda beyond HD to 3D, 4K and more. All along the way, we've delivered not just acquisition, but integrated workflows that help our customers achieve their business goals. It's an unrivaled heritage that today's Media Backbone solutions brilliantly carry forward.

Talk to Sony. Tell us your needs. Walk us through where you are and where you want to be. Our experienced consultants can help create a customized solution that can meet and often exceed your expectations.

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