XAVC Maximum Quality

Maximum Quality at Minimal Storage Costs With XAVC Recording

Exquisite recording typically requires extreme bitrates, quickly filling up your cards, overwhelming your storage and bogging down your network. The answer is Sony's clever XAVC encoding.

HXR-NX100 Compact Camcorder Overview

UWP-D Series Wireless Mics. Digital sound. Affordable Price.

Now you can get the digital sound quality you want at an affordable price. With more than 50 years of microphone innovation, our UWP-D wireless microphones are the ideal audio-for-video solution that will boost the performance of even entry-level camcorders.

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PXW-Z150 Camcorder

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Master the universe with the Sony XDCAM production system, by discovering how industry leaders are going tapeless, not masterless.

Just how good is Sony's XDCAM® production system? Ask a current owner. That's what we did, reaching out to leading broadcasters, major production companies, pro sports franchises and government agencies. They told us about file-based workflows. Robust equipment. Beautiful pictures. And they raved about rugged, reliable, affordable masters you can hold in your hand.

That's because Sony optical camcorders save your assets directly to a cartridge-encased disc. And XDCAM memory camcorders offer a clear path to an optical master. This advantage is even more powerful with the introduction of Sony's 12-disc optical data cartridges and drives. They write Terabytes of data at a time and protect you with 50-year archival life. Even with the passage of time, your masters will be looking as good as new. Sony's XDCAM system. It's the perfect master everyone seeks.

See what XDCAM owners are saying:

Scripps Networks Expands Use of Sony XDCAM Technology as 'Mezzanine' Format
See how SNI streamlined their production process and impletmented an efficient file management process with Sony's XDCAM HD422 technology.
XDCAM Professional Disc Technology is a reality for broadcast and production industries
Learn how Reality TV shows are standardizing on XDCAM 50Mbps workflow for their production system.
FremantleMedia, North America Takes a Shot in the Dark with Sony XDCAM Cameras for Syfy's Total Blackout
Sony's PMW-100 XDCAM cameras were chosen specifically for their NightShot feature, since the show is shot in the dark using infrared camera technology.
PMW-500 Cameras Streamline File-Based News Workflow for Fisher Communications
Upgrading to Sony-centric HD production is helping Fisher tackle the increasing complexity of news production and streamline its operations.
Pac-12 Networks Launches with Sony XDCAM HD422 Cameras and Production Solutions.
Learn how Pac-12 Networks is standardizing on Sony's XDCAM HD422 50Mbps workflow for their production system.
The Sony XDCAM HD422 Optical Workflow Scores Touchdown with Carolina Panthers
The team's broadcast and video production department is using Sony PDW-F800 optical disk camcorders and PDW-HD1500 decks for a range of field acquisition uses, shooting and editing content displayed during games.

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Since 1970, Sony Training Institute, the industry education leader, has trained thousands of video professionals like you on the latest service technologies and production techniques. In addition to offering production and post production courses taught with entirely digital or a mixture of digital and analog equipment, Sony Training Institute provides workshops designed specifically to put you on the right track in your transition to digital.

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