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Maximum Quality at Minimal Storage Costs With XAVC Recording

Exquisite recording typically requires extreme bitrates, quickly filling up your cards, overwhelming your storage and bogging down your network. The answer is Sony's clever XAVC encoding.

HXR-NX100 Compact Camcorder Overview

UWP-D Series Wireless Mics. Digital sound. Affordable Price.

Now you can get the digital sound quality you want at an affordable price. With more than 50 years of microphone innovation, our UWP-D wireless microphones are the ideal audio-for-video solution that will boost the performance of even entry-level camcorders.

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Digital Cinematography with Hypergamma

Digital Cinematography with Hypergamma

HyperGamma offers more natural color rendition, extended dynamic range, reduced set-up times and much more. Find out how it works and what benefits it delivers in this comprehensive 11-page article.

HyperGamma is a set of new transfer functions specifically designed to maximise the latitude of the camera, especially in highlights. It works by applying a parabolic shaped curve to the gamma correction circuit, so that the huge dynamic range of Sony CCD's can be used in the final recorded picture, without the need for the cameraman to adjust any settings in the camera. This approach also means we do not use any knee, thus removing the non linear part of the transfer characteristic as HyperGamma is a totally smooth curve. This means you remove any traditional issues which occur because of the non-linearity, especially in skin tones, and improve the dynamic range in one step.

There are four HyperGamma curves as standard, two of which are optimised for 100% white clip in a TV workflow (HG 1 and 2), and two for the 109% white clip generally used in traditional film style workflow (HG 3 and 4). Having chosen your white clip point, two curves are available to either optimise for maximum highlight handling (HG 2 and 4) or for low light conditions (HG 1 and 3).

Sony camcorders and cameras that have Hypergamma as standard include the F35, F23, HDW-F900R, HDW-790, HDW-650, PDW-F800 and PDW-700.

This article explores the benefits and technical features of Hypergamma. The video link below is an online version of demo footage designed to be viewed on a HDCAM SR VTR and viewed with a Grade 1 monitor.

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