BVM-E / BVM-F Series


Three separate series to fit most critical or general production viewing requirements.
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BVM-E Series for critical picture evaluation where accuracy, stability and consistency are everything.

BVM-F Series for production and post-production applications where content will deliver to a broadcaster.

PVM Series for a wide range of applications, delivering unparalleled picture quality for general production use.

New HDC-2000 Series System Cameras

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Sony's QoS for best-in-class streaming
watch overview of QoS streaming

If you can’t wait for the whole world to see what you’re seeing, Sony’s XDCAM® camcorders stream remarkably high quality at surprisingly low cost. Based on our unsurpassed expertise in digital transmission and encoding, we developed unique Quality of Service (QoS) technology that dramatically improves the clarity that’s possible on a single, affordable cellular channel. You can also stream de facto standard MPEG-TS. And transfer proxy or full-res files with bit-for-bit accuracy. And control your camcorder, right from your tablet, your smartphone or even your studio control room. Thanks to wireless adaptors, sold separately, even XDCAM® cameras that have been in use for years can take advantage of these powerful possibilities. How smart is that?
The intelligent approach to camcorder streaming
Despite all the tools available for streaming from a camcorder, it's been hard to find high quality at reasonable cost. At the high end, satellite and microwave contribution work well—if you can afford the van, the antennas and the operating costs. Bonded cellular is an option, but you need to pay for two or more simultaneous cellular channels. Low-end solutions are good for providing pictures to an audience that might otherwise be left in the dark. But all too often, the video stream is marred by picture freezes, dropped frames and macro blocking. That's why Sony developed advanced streaming with Quality of Service (QoS) to our PWS-100RX1 streaming receiver.

Choice of streaming modes, choice of camcorders

QoS is just the beginning. With Sony, you can choose either QoS or de facto standard MPEG-TS streaming. We can connect via Wi-Fi®, 3G/4G/LTE (requires carrier dongle and service) and Ethernet® cables. And Sony enables streaming from a broad range of sources, not only current XDCAM® camcorders but also legacy camcorders, in fact any video source equipped with HD-SDI output!

choice of camcorders All these XDCAM camcorders feature Wi-Fi streaming as standard equipment, and
3G/4G/LTE cellular streaming via a carrier dongle and service, sold separately.
choice of camcorder The CBK-WA100 adds streaming to any legacy source component with HD-SDI output. What’s more,
you get wireless remote control over Sony’s PMW-160, 200, 300, 50 and RX50.
choice of camcorders The CBK-WA101 connects directly into the PXW-X320 and PMW-400, reducing cable clutter.

Sony advanced streaming with QoS

The Sony QoS story has deep roots in our decades of expertise in digital transmission, data flow control and encoding. On this basis, we developed unique QoS technology that dramatically improves the clarity that’s possible on a single, affordable 3G/4G/LTE cellular channel, a Wi-Fi network or the public Internet. You get better pictures, even given the limitations of real-world networks. Wired QoS streaming across the public Internet also eliminates the need for costly leased lines. It’s made possible by Sony’s affordable CBK-NA1 RJ-45 adaptor, sold separately.

advanced streaming with QoS At 15% packet loss, conventional streaming turns the tiger’s head into a cloud of pixels. Sony’s QoS streaming is visibly better.

The endpoint of Sony’s QoS streaming is the versatile PWS-100RX1 receiver. (Cellular streaming requires appropriate carrier dongle and service. Streaming requires the latest firmware updates for the camcorders and/or the CBK-WA100 or CBK-WA101. Check for updates here.)

QoS communication Sony’s advanced streaming with Quality of Service (QoS) communicates to our PWS-100RX1 receiver via 3G/4G/LTE or the Internet.

Sony’s versatile PWS-100RX1 QoS receiver

Sony’s QoS receiver opens up entirely new possibilities for your operations. The combination of streaming and powerful software makes it happen.

  • Receive streams and output SDI
  • Receive streams and store as files to an FTP server
  • Browse & pull proxy files from camera to an FTP server
  • Start/stop/monitor live streaming
  • View streaming status, such as offline/online and network condition
  • Set streaming parameters such as bitrate, latency and routing
  • View live camcorder thumbnails
  • Receive up to 30 camera streams with simultaneous output of two streams via HD-SDI
  • Combine multiple PWS-100RX1 receivers onto a single GUI

pws-100rx1 receiver
Simply point-and-click to control the PWS-100RX1 receiver.
pws-100rx1 inputs and outputs
The PWS-100RX1 has the inputs and outputs to support your network – and your production infrastructure.

De facto standard MPEG-TS streaming

For maximum flexibility, Sony’s XDCAM® wireless solutions also support conventional MPEG-TS streaming. This means you can stream to a wide range of receivers, including the VLC Player applications for Windows® and Mac® OS X®, Teradek® Cube 305, Cube 355, Cube 405 and Cube 455 decoders and other compatible third-party receivers and decoders. Sony wireless solutions will stream over a Wi-Fi network or over a 3G/4G/LTE cellular network, with the appropriate carrier dongle and service. You can also enjoy wired streaming over Ethernet, using the CBK-NA1, sold separately. (Streaming requires the latest firmware updates for the camcorders and/or the CBK-WA100 or CBK-WA101. Check for updates here.)

Sony cameras can originate de facto standard MPEG-TS streams over a Wi-Fi network, Ethernet cable (with CBK-NA1, sold separately)
or 3G/4G/LTE cellular channel (with carrier dongle and service, sold separately).
Existing XDCAM® camcorders get even better.
In many cases, the XDCAM camcorder you already own can be upgraded to advanced wireless workflow. All you need is a free, user-downloadable firmware upgrade, plus the appropriate Sony wireless adaptor. To check for the latest firmware upgrades, please visit our downloads page.
Camcorder Wireless Adaptor Smartphone Remote Streaming File Transfers
Supplied IFU-WLM3
or optional CBK-WA02
Content Browser Mobile
for iOS and Android OS
  • Sony Advanced
    with QoS
Full-res video
and/or proxy
PXW-X70 Built in Content Browser Mobile
for iOS and Android OS
Full-res video
and/or proxy
sold separately
(USB connection)
Content Browser Mobile
for iOS and Android OS
  • Sony Advanced
    with QoS
Full-res video
and/or proxy
sold separately
(USB connection)
Content Browser Mobile
for iOS and Android OS
  • Sony Advanced
    with QoS
Full-res video
and/or proxy
Other cameras
with HD-SDI out
sold separately
(SDI connection)
Monitoring only via
Content Browser Mobile
for iOS and Android OS
  • Sony Advanced
    with QoS
Proxy only

*Discontinued and new models also support our advanced wireless workflow.
**CBKWA100 and 101 come bundled with CBK-WA02. Use with compatible cameras or any HD-SDI source to stream video over wireless and wired networks.

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