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Sony offers exhibitors the best of both worlds: stunning 4K imagery and advanced 3D. Our dual lens system presents two images to both eyes at once without triple-flash for more natural viewing.

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Sony and RealD Provide Complete 3D Systems.

Sony HFR Software: A Smooth Viewing Experience

3D World Created By Sony: End-to-End Solutions

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4K is ideal for Stadium Seating, where sitting closer makes the advantages even more apparent.

Discover the Sony 4K Difference

The choice between 2K and 4K is a choice between limiting your theatre with a short-term solution and maximizing your return for years to come. Discover the Sony 4K difference for yourself.

Research concludes 4k offers an enhanced viewing experience.

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Lobby Displays & Digital Signage

Lobby Displays & Signage

Captivate your customers with digital lobby, menu board, movie poster, and box office displays.

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Surveillance Cameras

Video Surveillance

Integrate our high resolution cameras and video analytics to monitor ticketing, lobby and concession areas.

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    Present powerful 4K from the world leaders in the field.

    The choice between 2K and 4K is a choice between limiting your theatre with a short-term solution and maximizing your return for years to come. As the undisputed leader in 4K technology, Sony has a proven solution with over 13,500 4K projection systems installed worldwide. Beyond the advanced 4K projector and integrated media server, our unique dual lens system delivers smooth 3D viewing, and our High Frame Rate software will safeguard your investment for future Hollywood releases. Your patrons will enjoy ultra-high resolution images for a completely immersive experience. Learn More
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    Captivate your patrons with high-contrast images.

    Resolution and contrast work hand-in-hand to give moviegoers high-impact images. Thanks to 4K, Sony projectors already have the highest resolution in Digital Cinema. Our SRX-R320P also provides a spectacular contrast ratio, 2,000:1. Now the smaller, more affordable SRX-R515P offers the industry's highest contrast ratio of 8000:1. The picture is simply stunning. Learn More
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    Immerse your audience with 3D that's easy on the eyes.

    Instrumental to Sony's 4K success is our single-projector 3D solution, offered in conjunction with RealD™ systems. Conventional single-projector 3D systems use "triple flash," which presents information first to the left eye only and then to the right eye only. Sony's advanced dual lens 3D solution is dramatically different, presenting to both eyes at once, for a more natural viewing experience. Learn More
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    Deliver High Frame Rates for smooth action detail.

    While conventional movies are shown at 24 frames per second, Hollywood directors will soon unleash a new breed of movie, created for exhibition at High Frame Rates (HFR), such as 48 and 60 frames per second for a smooth, immersive viewing experience. With a Sony Digital Cinema 4K solution, you'll be ready. Our SRX-R320P accommodates HFR with a simple software upgrade, while our new SRX-R515P is ready for HFR right out of the box. Learn More
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    Diversify your programming with the Content Exchange Platform.

    This online marketplace is a new model for distributing and accessing alternative, independent and repertory content, bringing together content owners, cinema exhibitors and promoters in a secure and easy-to-use environment. It is designed to provide exhibitors with easy access to programming, facilitate scheduling flexibility, and increase revenue by creating exciting new viewing experiences for cinema audiences.
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    Welcome the hearing and visually impaired with Access Glasses.

    Conventional captioning solutions for the hearing impaired require patrons to constantly shift their focus from the screen to a separate display, making it difficult to follow along. Conventional content description solutions for the visually impaired can require separate screening times or special seating. Sony's new Entertainment Access Glasses with Audio overcome these limitations, and welcome an entirely new audience to your theatre for a completely enjoyable experience. Learn More
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    Integrate remote monitoring, signage and surveillance.

    Exhibitors looking for one-stop shopping are increasingly turning to Sony. We have more 4K projection systems installed worldwide than any other manufacturer. Outside the projection booth, we also offer more end-to-end solutions for exhibitors than any other manufacturer. We can help with remote monitoring, digital signage, video surveillance, VPF financing, access to content and even anti-piracy integration. And our portfolio of solutions continues to grow. Learn More

Sony Professional Services & Programs

Lower costs, increase control and maximize uptime with Sony, a leader in Professional Services.

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Since 1970, Sony Training Institute, the industry education leader, has trained thousands of video professional like you on the latest service technologies and production techniques. In addition to offering production and post production courses taught with entirely digital or a mixture of digital and analog equipment, Sony Training Institute provides workshops designed specifically to put you on the right track in your transition to digital.

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