Easy Image Capture for ALPR

Sony's new GigE cameras offer a choice of resolution and speeds
at a price that can go head on with the competition.

XCG-H280E - Full HD B&W Model

XCG-H280CR - Full HD Raw Color Model

XCG-U100CR - UXGA Raw Color Model

XCG-5005CR - 5M Raw Color Model

Safe & Secure with Eyes on the Road

The choice to go HD is more affordable than ever with Sony's new
FCB EH Series of Color Block Cameras. Superb image quality captures every scene with a choice of 1080p or 720p HD

FCB-EH6300 - 1080p/30 20x HD Block

FCB-EH3400 - 720p/60 28x HD Block

FCB-EH3300 - 720p/60 20x HD Block

FCB-EH3150 - 720p/60 12x HD Block