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Inspiring confidence. Earning loyalty.

Sony takes recording seriously. After all, we manufacture more than the recording media: we build the entire recording system. Media has always been an indispensible component of Sony's industry-changing formats. And recording media plays a fundamental role in the reliability of our recording systems. In addition, Sony Professional Media is backed by a team of sales, marketing and technical professionals, all supporting you from acquisition to archive.

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Sony's Media Rewards Program is amazing.

Use your Sony Professional Media and Sony Storage Media purchases to earn dollars towards valuable rewards, including Sony consumer and professional electronics, gift cards, reimbursement on Sony professional parts and services and even reimbursement on rentals of Sony recorders. Participation is easy.

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Pro Media Videos

Overview of Sony professional media options and a whole lot more.

Dealer Applications
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SD Card for Professional

The SD Cards with ultra-high durability and file recovery support.

Portable Storage Solutions

High-performance storage technology for 4K and HDD

XQD Memory Card

To maximize performance of high end DSLRs and video camcorders.

LTO Ultrium 6 Format

Sony Technology innovations deliver greater reliability to LTO Ultrium Generation 6 data cartridge

Optical Disc Archive Cartridge

Keep It Simple, Secure & Long-term. Reliable, Durable mass storage Optical media

Sony Portable Storage Spec Sheet

Hard Disk and Solid State Drives for Professional Use

Media Rewards Program

The industry's most exciting professional media rewards program!

Professional Disc™ Media Brochure

It's all about workflow.

AIT Turbo Spec Sheet

High-Performance and Cost-Effective Solutions with proven technology

AIT Brochure

The AIT family offers versatile solutions

AIT Turbo Brochure

An affordable line-up for better solutions

AIT Spec Sheet

AIT Data Cartridge is the intelligent answer for your back-up requirements

Professional Hard Disk Unit PHU-220R Spec Sheet

Enables record times over 12 hours.

LTO Ultrium 1

More reliable and durable than ever. 200GB compressed capacity.

LTO Ultrium 2

Up to 400GB compressed capacity, thanks to LTO2 technology

LTO Ultrium 3

Storage capacity reaches 800GB in LTO Ultrium 3rd generation data cartridge

LTO Ultrium 4

Storage capacity jumps to 1.6TB in LTO Ultrium 4th generation data cartridge

LTO Ultrium 5

Increased storage breakthrough: 3.0TB compressed capacity with 280MB/s transfer speed

Sony LTO

Data Media Storage Tapes

Sony Media Services

Restoration and Recovery

Mobile Storage Unit Spec Sheet

Lighten your load; expand your recording time.

SxS-1 Memory Cards SBS-32G1A/SBS64G1A Spec Sheet

Now with 1.2Gpbs transfer speed and 64GB capacity.

Videographer Grade 6mm HDV Tape

Videographer Grade 6mm HDV Tape by Sony the Number One brand in professional media.

HDCAM SR Spec Sheet

The Hollywood Gold Standard.


HDCAM/HDCAM SR Hardware Compatibility.

DigitalMaster Tape for HDV Recording

Sony recommends DigitalMaster™ Tape for professional HDV™ recording.


The reliable media option for HD tape-based productions.

Sony Professional Recording Formats & Media Compatibility Guide

We co-engineer and manufacture recording equipment and media for optimal performance.


Caring for your SR Tape.

HDCAM® Cassette

Setting the standard for HDCAM recording.

Digital Betacam Cassette

BCT-D Series Digital Betacam® Cassettes

SxS PRO Memory Card for XDCAM EX

Faster. Smaller. Larger Capacity. And smother workflow too.

AIT-5 Competitive Performance And Value

From Small Medium Business to Enterprise Application

Considering Recycled Tapes...Think Again

There have been many papers written on the subject of recycled tape but...

AIT-5 Data Cartridge And AME III Technology

Bridging Power and Performance

Proof That Not All Data Cartridges Are Created Equal

Lab tests compare four brands of LTO-4 tapes

Media Sales Office

1 Sony Drive
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
(714) 585-5217

Media Recovery and Technical Support

Sony Media Services
Building B, Suite 100
11302 East Point Drive
Laredo, TX 78045
Phone: 877-440-3453

Media Services - Content Migration and Recovery

Professional Disc Dual Layer Model Update

Click here for an important update regarding PFD50DLA/2

Sony Professional Services & Programs

Lower costs, increase control and maximize uptime with Sony, a leader in Professional Services.

Media Warranty Information

Have a problem with your camera or tape deck?

Cameras - Production products are serviced in both our Eastern and Western Services Facilities.

Eastern Service Facility

Sony Electronics Customer Service

123 W. Tryon Ave.

Teaneck, NJ 07666

Phone: 201.833.5300

Fax: 201.833.5312

Western Service Facility

Sony Electronics Customer Service

2706 Media Center Dr., Suite 130

Los Angeles, CA 90065

Phone: 866.766.9272