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Sony takes recording seriously. After all, we manufacture more than the recording media: we build the entire recording system. Media has always been an indispensible component of Sony's industry-changing formats. And recording media plays a fundamental role in the reliability of our recording systems. In addition, Sony Professional Media is backed by a team of sales, marketing and technical professionals, all supporting you from acquisition to archive.

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The Tale of Tape.

Some workflows require one medium for capturing images, a second one for transfer to post, a third for delivery and a fourth for archiving when the project is done. Tape does it all. And does it extremely well.

  • Low cost per minute. Tape remains the most economical recording media option, especially compared to recording onto flash memory.
  • Proven reliability. Archival hard drives can freeze, especially after extended storage. Drives can also crash. Either calamity jeopardizes your valuable content. Properly stored, tape can perform superbly, even after an estimated 30 years of storage.
  • Wide acceptance. When the choice is tape, from broadcasters to post and rental houses, more professionals prefer Sony for shooting, dubbing, on-air playback and archiving.
  • Outstanding recording characteristics. Analog to digital to digital HD, Sony Pro Media delivers performance that can best be described as state of the art.

Tape workflow.

Acquisition, post production, mastering, on air playback or archive, Sony's proven advanced tape technology does it all.

Tape workflow

Professional Disc media: the best of both worlds.

The XDCAM® Professional Disc system gives you the efficient workflow of file-based recording and the comfort, reliability and predictability of a medium that you can exchange like tape. One media efficiently supports a comprehensive workflow from shooting and editing to distribution and archiving.

  • Blue-violet laser technology is extraordinary. The XDCAM Professional Disc system is built around non-contact recording and playback with Sony lasers and Sony disc media. This results in high transfer speeds and long recording times. The original 23 GB* single-layer disc (PFD23A/3) was followed by the dual-layer 50 GB* version (PFD50DLA/3) which holds up to 95 minutes of material at best quality (50 Mbps). These two are soon to be joined by a 128 GB* write-once quad-layer disc (PFD128QLW) which holds up to 240 minutes at 50 Mbps.
  • Sophisticated, comprehensive workflow. The XDCAM system provides you the advantages of both conventional VTR operation and cutting edge IT features such as high speed data transmission and proxy A/V data management. With these advantages, you can enjoy a highly sophisticated, comprehensive workflow for your content.
  • Format flexibility. Depending on the feature set of your recorder, Professional Disc media can capture a wide range of video formats, including DVCAM® and MPEG IMX® standard definition as well as XDCAM HD and XDCAM MPEG HD422. Select decks even enable you to use the entire disc capacity for writing data files of any type.
  • Quick random access with near-line storage. One of the great benefits of optical disc is instant access to your clip.
  • Superb durability. The robust, shell-shaped cartridge protects the Professional Disc media from fingerprints, dust, shock and scratches. Inside the recorder, non-contact laser optical reading and writing can achieve amazing reliability, including an estimated 1,000 read/write/erase cycles and fifty years of archival life.

    * 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity will be less.

Download the Sony Professional Disc Spec Sheet PDF

System Overview

XDCAM Disc System


The XDCAM Professional Disc™ cartridge has a unique and robust structure in that it does not allow physical contact with media during record or playback. It is well designed to protect the recorded contents from dust, shock and scratches. The XDCAM Professional Disc has superior reliability enabling over 1000 re-write cycles and more than 1 million read cycles.

In addition to the above advantages, the XDCAM Pprofessional Disc has high durability with an estimated archive life of more than 50 years*.

*Estimation from Sony internal accelerated testing

XDCAM Professional Disc system is a proven reliable technology that meets a wide-range of professional demands from shooting under severe circumstances to extended archiving.

Robust File System


XDCAM® selected UDF2.5 for its file system because it is a highly reliable file management system. Data is always recorded twice on the inner and outer periphery of the disc, just in case, to insure retrival of data if either area of the disc gets damaged by accident. Under severe conditions, when data is recorded multiple times, a unique circulating recording system helps to extend the life of the product.

File Recording


The industry standard MXF file format, combined with thumbnail data management feature, realizes high speed random access capability which conventional tape can't provide. In addition the file recording system allows remote file transfer over networks without the need for physical transportation of the recording media. It provides file sharing capability to multi clients and contributes to reducing workflow time drastically as well as total media management cost.

Proxy A/V Data Management


Besides supporting both standard and high resolution movies and sound clips (MPEG HD422, MPEG HD, MPEG IMX and DVCAM), XDCAM records on the Professional Disc editable Proxy A/V data (low resolution movie clips) containing shoot date, time and various comments for offline editing and remote browsing. There is a further benefit for you. The XDCAM Professional Disc has 500MB free user storage for PC data such as Word, Excel and JPEG files. By utilizing the Proxi A/V data, XDCAM realizes comprehensive efficient archive contents management.

Professional Disc media workflow.

The Sony XDCAM® Professional Disc media and SxS® memory cards enable an efficient, comprehensive workflow.
Professional Disc media supports you all the way from acquisition and editing to playout and archiving.

Professional Disc media workflow
  Recording Format Recording Bit rate



XDCAM MPEG HD422 50Mb/s 43min. 95min. 240min.
XDCAM HD 35Mb/s 65min. 145min. 360min.
25Mb/s 85min. 190min. 480min.
18Mb/s 112min. 248min. 600min.
MPEG IMX 50Mb/s 45min. 100min. 240min.
40Mb/s 55min. 120min. 300min.
30Mb/s 68min. 150min. 360min.
DVCAM 25Mb/s 85min. 185min. 450min.



PDW510, 530, 1500, R1, D1
OK - -
PDW510, 530, 1500, R1, D1
PDW700, F800, F1600, HD1500, HR1, U1
XDCAM content & archive solutions:
PDWU2, XDS-PD2000, XDS-PD1000



Disc Type Re-Writable Write-Once
Formatted Capacity 23.3 GB* 50 GB* 128 GB*
Cartridge Dimensions 5-1/8 x 5-1/8 x 3/8 inch (128.6 x 130.6 x 9.1mm) **
Disc Diameter 4-3/4 inch (120mm) **
Max. Transfer Rate (Write) 86Mb/s 144 Mb/s
Erase/Write/Read Cycles more than 1,000 times -
Read Cycles more than 1,000,000 times
Estimated Shelf Life more than 50 years ***
Estimated Archical Life more than 50 years ***
Operating Conditions '23 ~ 131 oF (-5 ~ 55 oC) / 10 ~ 90% Relative Humidity
Storage Conditions '14 ~ 131 oF (-10 ~ 55 oC) / 5 ~ 90% Relative Humidity

* A portion of the user data area will be used for data management. The total user area may vary.
** Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate and may vary.
*** Estimation from Sony's acelerated testing.

The leader in flash media for professional HD acquisition.

The SxS® name has quickly become synonymous with high transfer speeds and reliability. From the moment they were introduced, Sony SxS Memory Cards have inspired and delighted even the most skeptical and seasoned professionals. These industrial-grade solid-state memory cards are the number one flash media choice for professional HD acquisition.

  • Incredibly small and lightweight. What was previously unthinkable is now possible, thanks to flash media recording. The memory cards are so small, you can carry hours of high definition recording in your shirt pocket. And smaller media with no moving parts contributes to a new generation of far smaller, lighter camcorders.
  • Increased capacity with 128 GB SxS-1 cards. PRO+ C Series and SxS-1 G1B Series cards offering 2X the transfer rate of previous cards so there's less time wasted ingesting, more time for editing. Also, Sony's latest SxS-1 cards increases capacity to 128 GB*, which translates to 400 minutes of recording at the best quality (HQ mode, 35 Mbps). Both series support EB Streaming between card and Sony camcorders enabling constant 2 way communication and insuring stable recording while avoiding speed degradation.
  • Compatible with the ExpressCard® interface. While other media cards use outmoded PC interfaces, the SxS media uses the contemporary PCI Express interface featured in both Windows® and Mac® OS computers.
  • Phenomenal resistance to shock and vibration. Solid state media with no moving parts is a recipe for the ultimate in shock resistance. The Sony SxS-1 and SxS-PRO media withstands up to 1500 G of shock or 15 G vibration. It's more than you'd want to inflict on any camcorder (or camera operator).
  • Reliably copy your SxS content in the field with Sony's PSZ Series Portable Storage Drives. These drives are available in 500GB to 1TB capacities and now available with Thunderbolt ports. The best thing next to your XDCAM EX™ camcorder is Sony's super-efficient PSZ drives. Use them to copy your content onto ruggedized, professional hard disk drive cartridges allowing you to "wipe" the card for re-use. You can then reliably transport them to a PC for editing or ingest in an NLE. Click here to learn more about PRO HDDs.

SxS media workflow.

As the XDCAM EX systems have gained popularity, it's also attracted new and exciting workflow possibilities. These now include direct ingest from the camcorder and copying SxS cards in the field onto Sony's PSZ Series Portable Storage Units.

SxS media workflow
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