Remote Monitoring

Plug & play simplicity with superb image quality

The SRG-120DU USB 3.0 UVC video compatible PTZ camera joins Sony's SRG PTZ high-definition remotely operated camera line-up. This affordable professional 1080/59.94p Full HD camera is designed to interface easily with a dedicated computer system using the same USB technology found on most computers.

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Streaming & Lecture Capture Solutions

Sony's PTZ cameras are at the center of the action in lecture halls, auditoriums, and conference rooms. With features focused on high-quality images, they offer unprecedented clarity and resolution for any remote application.

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SRG-300SE - Simultaneously output 1080/60p 3G-SDI and live IP streaming content

The award winning SRG-300SE camera joins Sony's SRG PTZ high definition remotely operated camera line-up. This versatile PTZ camera meets the demand for capturing and live-streaming video content simultaneously via IP and 3G-SDI. And it features Sony's 1/2.8" latest Exmor® CMOS sensor to deliver high-quality 1080/60p images with a 30x optical zoom (12x digital zoom), making it perfect for a wide range of applications such as city council meetings, faith-based communities, hospitality, healthcare, education, sports and more. The SRG-300SE is ideal as a single-source PTZ camera with Sony's renowned high picture quality and reliability at an affordable price.

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A real camera

Sony is a recognized leader in pan/tilt/zoom cameras. And it shows in super-clear HD using our very own 1/2.8-type Exmor® CMOS sensor. The H.264 compressed video over IP can also be simultaneously streamed in varying, selectable bit rates to accommodate the given network bandwidth.

A real camera
Exceptional streaming

Exceptional streaming

The SRG-300SE PTZ camera is an ideal match for Wowza® Media Systems, because it incorporates advanced capabilities operated by simple controls, allowing a single individual with only basic skills the ability to produce professional-quality results. The power of Sony's cameras delivering content through the Wowza® Streaming Cloud™ enables organizations of any size to reach a global audience with this remarkable, high-quality, high-value, cost-effective combination. Wowza® Media Systems powers video and audio with customizable software and cloud services for organizations to build, deploy, and manage professional-quality live and on-demand streaming solutions. The SRG-300SE can also serve up to 20 web clients when used independently.

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Challenging environments

The SRG-300SE incorporates Sony's innovative View-DR® and XDNR® technologies enabling the capture of high-quality images with an extended wide dynamic range, an essential feature for visual communication applications. View-DR technology produces clear, visible images in challenging lighting environments from strong sunlight to a dimly light room. The camera can pan across and maintain visibility despite shifting from front-lit to back-lit views, for indoor and outdoor applications. In a typically low-lit teaching environment, the lecturer stands alongside a large, bright projection screen. View-DR technology ensures that both the presenter and the presentation materials are clearly visible so students can view both the material and facial expressions and gestures of the lecturer. XDNR® is Sony's noise reduction technology which helps to reduce noise and minimize motion blur when objects are moving.

Challenging environments

Cover all the angles

You can count on stunning, high-end HD 1080/60p images with the wide 65-degree horizontal field of view. The camera's non-intrusive, compact styling, super smooth pan/tilt movement and quiet operation makes it ideal for use in noise-restricted environments such as hospitals, classrooms and meeting rooms so it won't distract the patient, student or meeting attendee. Remote audiences can even monitor the event live and can also control the camera's PTZ functions over IP.

Cover all the angles

Sounds good

The SRG-300SE camera is also equipped with two audio inputs (LINE input & MIC input) for embedding audio into the IP stream. It also features built-in audio control with an simplified equalizer.

Sounds good

Perfect companions (sold separately)

Sony's RM-IP10 IP Remote Controller controls the SRG-300SE cameras' PTZ operations and provides comfortable PTZ operation with the optical three-axis joystick.

The PMW-RX50 1080/60p 3G-SDI recorder is a compact companion deck, for both stationary and mobile recording setups that records valuable content captured by the SRG-300SE camera for future playback. Just a single BNC coaxial cable run (up to a maximum of 262 feet) is all you need to preserve the highest quality 1080/60p content.

Perfect companions (sold separately)

Product Support

Customer satisfaction and product dependability are key considerations when it comes to vision systems. Our goal is to provide you with the quality service and support you expect from a camera technology leader like Sony.

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