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Our team can assist yours every step of the way from initial consultation to design and installation - even operations staffing through Sony Managed Services. We think you'll discover what teams already know: It pays to take the field with Sony.

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Sony has your HD production covered from start to finish. We can upgrade your fan experience with amazing technology from camera positions to control room, concourse and luxary boxes. Just image what Sony technology can for your facility.

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4K Live Production

4K for high definition

Even if you have no near-term plans to distribute 4K material, Sony 4K brings powerful benefits to your current HD live productions. 4K origination can enhance the look of HD pictures. Especially with PL lenses, you'll see more "punch" and texture. Sony 4K also expands your creative options, with full-resolution HD cutout, pan and zoom from 4K; 360p Super Slow Motion in HD and even two-camera stitching for stadium-wide coverage.

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4K for HD cutout, pan and zoom

Safe? Was the running back's knee down before the ball came out? Was it goal tending? Blowing up an HD picture yields an image that is soft and unsatisfying. But you can blow up the 4K picture 100%—and still have full HD resolution!

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4K for HD cutout, pan and zoom
240p Super Slow Motion in HD

360p Super Slow Motion in HD

The Sony PMW-F55 has amazed cinematographers with 360 frames-per-second Super Slow Motion in HD. Now you can put that same capability to work for you. You get gorgeous high-quality HD video with 4X slow motion using Sony's BPU-4000 baseband processor, SCZ-2002 software and PWS-4400 server.

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Two-camera stitching for HD cutout, pan and zoom

Two-camera stitching for HD cutout, pan and zoom

Imagine a pair of stitched high 50 yard line cameras with a combined horizontal resolution of 8K and fixed coverage from end zone to end zone. Imagine a pair of stitched high home plate cameras yielding 8K coverage from the left field corner to the right. Now imagine cutting into that image on the fly, "panning'" and "zooming" for a whole new perspective on every play. It's a brilliant way to expand your sports coverage and further engage your audience.

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Live and evergreen 4K production

Live and evergreen 4K production

Whether you're distributing 4K today or preparing for tomorrow's 4K universe, Sony 4K live production and recording can help. The Sony MVS-8000X and 7000X switchers can perform full-resolution 4K cuts and fades. And our Sony PWS-4400 server can capture your production in full 4K glory, preserving all the excitement for generations to come.

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Uncompromised functionality

Sony 4K live production offers full compatibility with SMPTE fiber connections, full operability with familiar Sony camera control units, the full assortment of live camera connections, and full color shading with Sony RCP and MSU control panels. The Sony MVS-8000X and 7000X switchers can perform full-resolution 4K cuts and fades right now. And we are working to enhance these switchers with a suite of 4K digital effects in the near future. The effects will include Wipes, Chroma Key, Key Resizer/Modifier and a host of others.

Uncompromised functionality

An unmatched 4K portfolio

Sony is a prime driver of 4K technology from the lens to the living room. So it's no surprise that we're also in the forefront of 4K live production.

  • PMW-F55 camera. Hailed for its resolution, colorimetry, modularity and sensitivity, the Sony PMW-F55 is a landmark in camera technology. Using the CA-4000 camera adaptor and BPU-4000 baseband processor, the PMW-F55 connects to Sony's principal HD camera control units, remote control panels and master setup units. And as you would expect, the PMW-F55 also matches beautifully with Sony's premiere HDC-2000/2500 studio cameras.
  • CA-4000 camera adaptor. This effectively converts the PMW-F55 to a live production camera, with a SMPTE fiber interface and a full set of connections for audio, tally, prompter and more. For traditional multi-camera shading and control, the CA-4000 can connect to Sony HDCU-2000/2500 camera control units, RCP-1000 series remote control panels and MSU-1000/1500 master setup units. With the SKC-PB40 power booster attached, the CA-4000 provides power to large field (box type) lenses that commonly cover outdoor sports.
  • PWS-4400 server. This AV storage unit has four ports that can be configured on the fly for input or output. It can record and/or play any mix of four simultaneous 4K or HD channels using Sony's highly efficient XAVC™ codec. The PWS-4400 works with the PWSK-PRC1 production control workstation, PWSK-MGW1 media gateway workstation and PWSK-4403 control panel, all sold separately.
  • PVM-X300 production monitor. With full 4098 x 2160 resolution, this monitor is ready to display your 4K signal with pixel-for-pixel accuracy. At 30 inches (viewable area, measured diagonally), it's suitable for field use. Exclusive TRIMASTER® technology optimizes color rendition and image accuracy.
  • LA-FZB2 B4 lens adaptor. While the PMW-F55 yields cinematic results with 35mm PL mount and FZ mount lenses, this adaptor opens the door to 2/3-inch B4 lenses, the de facto standard for live HD production. The adaptor includes color correction and neutral density filters, a lens support bracket, plus a 12-pin connector for lens power and control.
  • BPU-4000 baseband processor unit. This vital link "debayers" the PMW-F55 image into 4K baseband video, downconverts 4K to HD, performs HD cutout (with the SCZ-2001 software, sold separately) and enables 360p Super Slow Motion (with the SCZ-2002 software, sold separately).
  • MVS-8000X / MVS-7000X production switchers. Stand-out performers everywhere from news to sports to entertainment, these switchers support 4K cuts and fades when properly configured. In addition, Sony will enhance the MVS-8000X and 7000X with a suite of 4K digital effects in the near future.