HD Optical Multiplex Unit for BRC-H700/Z700

$2,900.00 U.S. List Price

TheBRU-H700 HD Optical Multiplex Unit enables long distance connectivity of the BRC-H700 and BRC-Z700 via multi-mode fiber cable.


  • Optical Multiplex Unit For BRC-H700 and Z700. Maximum distance between BRC-H700/Z700 and BRU-H700 is 3300 feet (1000 m) by using CCFC-M100HG: Fiber optical cable. Through the fiber optical cable, BRU-H700 can recieve uncompressed digital data including video external sync, and camera control signals. Various video outputs are available from BRU-H700. Including : for SD signal; Composite, Y/C, component, RGB and SD-SDI, for HD signal; i.LINK(HDV), HD-SDI, Component and RGB. Also WXGA,XGA and VGA.

Optional Accessories

Model: Description: U.S. List Price:
BRBKH700 HD Optical Multiplex Card for BRC-H700 $1,500.00 Get details
BRBKMF1 HD Optical Multiplex Card for BRC-Z700 P/T/Z camera $1,700.00 Get details
RMBR300 Remote Control Unit for the BRC-300 / H700 / Z700 / Z330 / H900 $1,575.00 Get details
HFBKSD1 SDI Output Board (down-converter option) $1,700.00 Get details
CCFCM100HG HD Optical Fiber Cable $1,100.00 Get details
HFBKHD1 HD SDI Output Board (HD output option) $2,000.00 Get details

Product Manual

Description: Release Date: Type/Size:
BRU-H700 Operating Manual pdf / 1,543K Download now
BRC Series System Guide pdf / 12,401K Download now
BRU RACK MOUNT pdf / 468K Download now
BRBK-H700 pdf / 366K Download now
CCFC-100HG pdf / 109K Download now