DWZ Series Digital Wireless Vocal Set

$699.00 U.S. List Price


This DWZ Series 2.4 GHz digital wireless vocal set provides the convenience of untethered handheld microphone use with a wired level of audio performance. The package includes a ZTX-M01 handheld transmitter including an interchangeable dynamic cardioid microphone capsule along with a ZRX-M50 half rack size receiver. Supplied accessories include a mic holder, two antennas and AC adapter. The handheld TX also supports use with optional Sony interchangeable microphone capsules. The receiver includes 3 audio outputs (1 x balanced XLR and 2 x unbalanced 1/4" phone). The receivers menu system provides access to clear channel scan or manual channel selection and a digital 5-band graphic EQ. The receivers LCD includes numeric indication of transmitter battery remaining time, diversity reception RF levels, audio level metering, EQ on/off status and display of selected channnel.


  • Ideal for vocal performance
  • DWZ Series wireless provides 24 bit Linear PCM digital audio
  • The handheld transmitter is supplied with an interchangeable dynamic cardioid mic capsule. It can also be used with optional mic capsules, such as the CU-C31, CU-F31, CU-F32
  • Package includes a ZTX-M01 handheld transmitter and ZRX-HR50 half-rack size receiver
  • Receiver includes a color LCD display with easy access to clear channel scanning or manual channel selection and a digital 5-band graphiic EQ
Features Benefits:
Superb Digital Sound Quality High-quality 24-bit linear PCM digital transmission offers a pristine audio experience, and a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz. The audio performance degradation that's typical of conventional analog wireless systems can be avoided, because DWZ is designed without the need for audio companding.
Stable Transmission Interuptions in reception (signal drop-out) can be a problem with wireless microphone transmission systems. With the DWZ series; however, this can be reduced to a minimum. Utilizing a space diversity reception system, the DWZ series achieves stable transmission by using dual-antenna inputs/reception circuits. These receive signal over two different paths and automatically select the stronger RF signal for output.
Flexible Audio Outputs Each DWZ series system receiver includes an XLR balanced output and two 1/4" unbalanced outputs that can be used to output audio to three destnations simultaneously.

General Specifications Detail:
Compatibility For use with DWZ Series digital wireless
Frequency Range 2402.0 - 2478.5 MHz
Occupied RF Bandwidth 2.4GHz ISM Band (Industrial, Scientific and Mediical Band)

Supplied Accessories

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Mic Holder
Antennas (2)
AC Adapter

Optional Accessories

Model: Description: U.S. List Price:
CUC31 Condenser cardioid Mic Capsule for use with DWM-02 and DWZ series handheld transmitters $850.00 Get details
CUF31 Dynamic Super-cardioid Mic Capsule for use with DWM-02 and DWZ series handheld transmitters $650.00 Get details
CUF32 Dynamic Wide-Cardioid Mic Capsule for use with DWM-02 and DWZ series handheld transmitters $313.00 Get details
RMMHRD1 DWZ Series Receiver Rack Mount Kit $159.99 Get details

Product Manual

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DWZM50-and-DWZB30GB-Manual.pdf pdf / 2,158K Download now
DWZ-M50-AntennaAngleGuide.pdf pdf / 119K Download now
DWZ-M50QuickStartGuide.pdf pdf / 159K Download now


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DWZ Brochure pdf / 1,626K Download now