Digital Motion Picture Camera WITH Rotary Shutter and HDVFC30WR Viewfinder

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New Digital Cinematography camera which utilizes New 20 Megapixel Super 35mm CMOS imager, whose active image area is 24.7mm X 13.1mm. F65 camera has an integral PL mount which is standard for Film cameras. ARRI and Cooke Lens interface data and Metadata are recorded on SR Memory recorder.

F65 camera has base sensitivity of 800EI. In this mode you have 7 stops latitude over key and 7 stops under providing phenomenal Dynamic Range. F65 covers a wider color space over any other digital cameras. This allows more headroom for color grading and future proof camera original material.

The Rotary shutter has range of 11.5 degrees to 180 degrees. This eliminates CMOS motion artifacts. F65/RS also outputs shutter pulse for 3D /Motion Control rig application. With the rotary shutter you also have Built in ND filters of 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8.

In the viewfinder and monitor output from the camera, X2 and X4 magnification can be enabled for critical focusing.

Ergonomics of the camera allows use of film accessories without any modification to the camera.

When camera is used in 16bit RAW File mode (Digital Negative), in POST one can render multiple resolutions such as:- 4K Cinema (4096 X 2160) 3840 X 2160 2K Cinema HDTV


  • 20M 8k SENSOR
  • 16 Bit RAW Recording
  • IIF ACES Workflow
  • High Frame Rate 1 to 120p
  • Rotary Shutter
  • Dockable SR Memory Recorder SR-R4

Product Brochure

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SRMASTER Family Brochure – HD to 4K Mastering Quality Files pdf / 1,613K Download now
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F65 Operation Manual pdf / 3,805K Download now


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CineAlta Family Brochure pdf / 8,158K Download now