High Power LED Video Light

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Weights & Measures:
Approx. 15.9 oz,

The HVL-LBPB is a flexible, yet powerful LED lighting solution. At its maximum illumination setting, it is capable of 1800 lux/m; nearly double the luminance of the prior model. Thanks to its comprehensive control over color temperature, output power and angle, the HVL-LBPB is equally at ease shooting close-ups or from 40 feet away. The HVL-LBPB readily accepts two different DC power sources: Sony L-Series battery or D-Tap type connector commonly available on SONY and other shoulder-mount type professional camcorders.


  • Max. 1800 lux/m capability
  • Rugged and reliable Die-cast construction and LED
  • Low power consumption; one NP-F970 battery operates the HVL-LBPB for 160 min. @ max. brightness
  • Daylight balanced output, 3200K filter provided incandescent color matching
  • Powered by InfoLithium™ L battery or D-Tap
  • Light throw optimized for 16:9, ideal for wide-angle shooting and interviews
  • Spot or flood-lighting with built-in condensing lens

General Specifications Detail:
Power Consumption Approx. 18 W with battery
(Approx. 20 W with LIGHT connector adaptor)
Power Requirements DC 7.2 V InfoLITHIUM rechargeable battery pack L series NP-F900/700 range (cannot use NP-F500/300 range).
Weight Approx. 15.9 oz (450 g)


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