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The HDV HVR-M15AU, digital HD videocassette recorder, is the enhanced successor model to the HVR-M15U. This new VTR features HDV native progressive format capability, providing a stunning 1080p image at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second. It is compatible with standard and mini cassettes, providing extended recording times up to 276 minutes. The HVR-M15AU is optimized for use with nonlinear editing systems due to its highly compact size and ease of operation.


  • HDV Native Progressive HDV recording &playback
  • Switchable recording & playback
  • -HDV 1080 60i/50i, 1080/24P,25P,30P,
  • -DVCAM 60i/50i, DV SP 60i/50i
  • Down conversion playback
  • i.LINK 6-pin: Transferring of A/V, TC & UB
  • Controls: LANC & Control S
  • Auto repeat
  • Dual size cassette mechanism
  • Tape cleaner for reliable operation
Features Benefits:
Switchable Recording and Playback
Dual-size Cassette Mechanism
i.LINK Interface
Time Code Copy from External Devices
Auto Repeat and Custom Repeat
Color Bar and 1-kHz Audio Tone Signal Output
External Control
Compact, Unique Design

General Specifications Detail:
Mass 2.3 kg (5 lb 1 oz)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (Excluding Protrusions) 184 x 69 x 261mm (7 1/8 x 2 3/4 x 10 3/8)
Power Requirements DC 8.4V
Power Consumption 6W (playback mode)
Operating Temperature +5 to +40°C (+41 to +104°F)
Storage Temperature -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
Humidity Less than 90%
Recording Format HDV1080i specification (MPEG2 Long GOP, CBR, 25Mb/s, MPEG-2 MP@H14)

MPEG-1 Audio Layer2 (2ch, 16-bit, 48KHz) or MPEG-2 Audio Layer2 (4ch, 16-bit, 48KHz)


Linear PCM (2ch, 16-bit, 48-kHz)
Playback Format HDV: 1080/59.94i,50i, 23.98P, 29.97P,25P
DVCAM, DV SP: 480/59.94i, 576/50i
Recording Frame Rate HDV (i.LINK input)
1440X1080/59.94i,50i, 29.97P,23.98P, 25P

Recording/Playback Time HDV/DV SP:
Max. 276 min with PHDV-276DM cassette
Max. 63 min with PHDVM-63DM cassette

Max. 184 min with PHDV 276DM cassette
Max. 41 min with PHDVM-63DM cassette
Fast Forward/Rewind Time Approx. 2.5 min with PHDV-276DM cassette

Inputs/Outputs Specifications Detail:
Reference Input NA
Composite Input NA
Composite Ouput BNC (x1) - NTSC or PAL
S-Video Input Mini-DIN 4pin (x 1)
S-Video Output Mini-DIN 4pin (x 1)
Component Input NA
Component Output RCA (x 3)
Analog Audio Input RCA (CH-1,CH-2)
Analog Audio Output RCA (x 2)
Digital Audio Input (AES/EBU) NA
Digital Audio Output (AES/EBU) NA
SDI Input NA
SDI Output NA
i.LINK IEEE1394, 6pin (x 1), HDV / DV stream input/output, S100
Time Code Input NA
Time Code Output NA
LANC Stereo mini-jack (x 1)
Control-S Stereo mini jack (x 1)
Monitor Video NA
Monitor Audio NA
Headphone Output NA
DC Input (12 V) DV jack (8.4V)
RS-422A NA

Built-In Display Specifications Detail:
Built-In Display NA

Media Specifications Detail:
Type DV casette x1 (mini / standard compatible)

Supplied Accessories

Model: Description: U.S. List Price:
Remote commander (x 1)
AC adaptor (x 1)
Power cord (x 1)*
Stand (x 1)
Cleaning cassette (x 1)
Operating instructionis (x 1)
*Power cord won't be supplied for CE model

Product Brochure

Description: Release Date: Type/Size:
HVR-M35U / HVR-M25AU / HVR-M15AU Digital HD Videocassette Recorder pdf / 1,112K Download now

Warranty Card

Description: Release Date: Type/Size:
Broadcast and Business Solutions Warranty Card pdf / 93K Download now

Product Manual

Description: Release Date: Type/Size:
RMMHVRM15 DUAL RACKMOUNT Installation Manual pdf / 81K Download now
HVR-M15AU Operating Manuals pdf / 1,628K Download now
RMMHVRM15 pdf / 100K Download now
Model: Description: U.S. List Price:
PDV94N/3 DVCAM Standard 94 min Non Chip Pricing available upon request Get details
PDV184N/3 DVCAM Standard 184 min Non Chip Pricing available upon request Get details
PDVM12N/3 DVCAM Mini 12 min Non Chip Pricing available upon request Get details
PDVM41N/3 41 minute DVCAM Mini Cassette. Pricing available upon request Get details
PDV64N/3 96 minute DVCAM/HDV Standard Cassette. Pricing available upon request Get details
PDVM32N/3 DVCAM Mini 32 min Non Chip Pricing available upon request Get details
PDV34N/3 DVCAM Standard 34 min Non Chip Pricing available upon request Get details
PDV124N/3 DVCAM Standard 124 min Non Chip Pricing available upon request Get details


Model: Description: U.S. List Price:
SPSDVR10RSEW3 3 Year Extended Warranty for DVRs with list to $10,000 $169.99 Get details