Memory Recording Unit

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The HVR-MRC1K captures the HDV™, DVCAM™, or DV stream output from the camcorder and allows users to record HDV/DVCAM/DV files to a standard CompactFlash® solid-state memory card, while simultaneously recording to tape. Extremely compact and lightweight, the HVR-MRC1K can be attached directly onto the new HVR-Z5U without cabling, converting the camcorder to a tape and memory ‘Hybrid’ recording system. (For all other existing Sony professional HDV and DVCAM users, the HVR-MRC1K comes supplied with a mounting bracket to mount the unit on the accessory shoe of the camcorder.) The HVR-MRC1K offers limitless workflow benefits. After a shoot, users can simply connect the unit to a compatible nonlinear editor and edit their footage instantly. The HVR-MRC1K offers direct access to recordings, making the time consuming digitizing process a thing of the past. Using the HVR-MRC1K as an edit source feed also eliminates the time previously required by users to dub work tapes. Users can combine the HVR-MRC1K with a Sony professional HDV and DVCAM camcorder for a true taste of workflow innovation.


  • Simultaneous recording onto CompactFlash card, as well as onto tape
  • Quick access and high speed transfer of content
  • Integrated design with the HVR-Z5U for cable-less operation
  • Selectable playback format in various playback modes
  • LCD Display
  • Uses InfoLithium® L series batteries
Features Benefits:
LCD Display - Battery / AC operation - CAMLINK mode - CompactFlash - Clip Number - Recording/ Playback - Time Code - Status - REC mode - Repeat mode - Loop recording
Battery Operation Uses InfoLithium® L series batteries
Simultaneous Recording onto CompactFlash and Tape - SYNCHRO mode - FOLLOW mode - SELF recording mode - RELAY recording mode
CACHE Recording Function Video and audio signals are continuously buffered in memory for up to 14 seconds
INTERVAL Recording Function Records a series of videos at regular intervals
LOOP Recording Function Unit continously records audio and video onto the available CompactFlash card memory, repeatedly overwriting material as necessary
Selectable Playback Format AUTO: playback all clips sequentially HDV: playback only HDV clips sequentially DV: playback only DV clips sequentially
Various Playback Modes Standard Playback Trick Playback: Clips can be played back at 3x, 6x and 9x normal speed Repeat Playback: Automatically repeat playback of all or one clip(s)
Sleep Mode In SLEEP mode if no operation is done for 1 or 5 minutes (user selectable) the unit will automatically switch to SLEEP state to conserve power
Exclusive Features to HVR-Z7U, HVR-S270U or HVR-Z5U Usage - Tapeless recording - Camcorder time code used for tapeless recording - Hybrid recording (HD & SD) - Display of HVR-MRC1K operational status on camcorder LCD
Computer Mode User can transfer content from CompactFlash card to PC as file transfers using the Computer Mode and the i.LINK® (IEEE1394) interface (with supplied i.LINK cradle). Maximum data rate using i.LINK is up to 400Mbps.

General Specifications Detail:
Connector i.LINK (IEEE1394 6-pin connector S400)
Dimensions Approx. 2 1/4 x 4 1/8 x 1 3/8 inches (57 x 102 x 34 mm)
Power Consumption 2.2W
Power Requirements DC 7.2 V (battery pack)
DC 8.4 V (AC adaptor)
Weight Approx. 4 oz. (130 g)

Supplied Accessories

Model: Description: U.S. List Price:
HVR-CR1 i.LINK Cradle
Accessory Shoe Adaptor
Accessory Mount Conversion Adaptor
i.LINK cable (4-6 pin, 70cm)
Operating instructions
Guide to supported models
CD-ROM manual

Optional Accessories

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2NPF970/B InfoLithium L Series Rechargeable (2) Battery Package $250.00 Get details

User Manual

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HVR-MRC1K Operating Instructions pdf / 376K Download now

Warranty Card

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Broadcast and Business Solutions Warranty Card pdf / 93K Download now


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HVR-DR60 / HVR-MRC1K pdf / 2,162K Download now