Digital Triax Camera Control Unit for HXC-D70 Camera System

Pricing available upon request

The HXCU-TX70 is a 19 inches full rack (1.5RU height) unit exclusively designed for use with the HXC-D70 camera for low-latency digital Triax operation. The completed signal interface ports are available on rear side of the HXCU-TX70 such as HD-SDI, SD-SDI, Prompter and Return video. Variety of remote control panels are available to control and adjust the camera parameters -- HKCU-FP2 front control panel that can directly be attached to the front panel of the HXCU-TX70, and RCP-1000/1001/1500/1501 remote control panel.


  • Compact size (19” full rack, 1.5RU height) design
  • Low-latency digital Triax operation
  • Triax cable distance: 1,200m
  • Variety of IN/OUT interface ports available includes high performance down converted SD signals


Firmware Version Firmware Description Release Notes
1.10 HSCU300R/HXCU-TX70 Software POST-PLD V1.08 Get details Download Software
1.10 HSCU300R/HXCU-TX70 Software MAIN V1.10 and POST-PLD V1.07 Get details Download Software
1.04 HSCU300R/HXCU-TX70 Software DM-PLD V1.03 Get details Download Software
1.04 HSCU300R/HXCU-TX70 Software MAIN V1.04 and POST-PLD V1.04 Get details Download Software