FZ to B4 lens adapter for F5 & F55

Pricing available upon request

FZ to B4 (2/3-inch) lens adapter for F5 & F55


  • Compatible with most B4-mount (2/3-inch) lenses
  • Includes servo controlled CC and ND filter wheels
  • No loss of angle of view (no croppinng)
  • 12-pin connector provides bidirectional communication between lens and camera.
  • Displays lens data: Focus, Zoom and Iris on the viewfinder.
  • Lens metadata data is recorded, real time onto compressed and/or RAW digital stream.
  • Lens metadata is simultaneously output via SDI following SMPTE RDD18 specification
  • ALAC-2 (H&V Automatic Chromatic Aberration Compensation) with lenses in camera database.
  • Return video button becomes assignable for calling useful functions such as Expanded Focus, last clip review etc.