Sony MVP Compact TV Production Trailer

Sony MVP Compact TV Production Trailer

The MVP Mobile Video Producer is a complete HDTV production facility in a compact 29' tow-able vehicle. The MVP is capable of being transported by any vehicle with standard class 3 hitching equipment. This provides for tremendous flexibility and eliminates the cost of a dedicated cab or tractor, thus giving the MVP a smaller footprint and greater maneuverability.

Despite its small size, the MVP couples flexibility with no-compromise features and a no-compromise equipment complement that can be found at all major production events, from all the major sporting events, including the International Summer and Winter games, to entertainment shows like the Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, the Oscars and late-night TV, to episodic television production to live stage productions, and on and on. The MVP is easily operated by trainees, yet meets the most stringent professional operators' standards.

MVP combines three production resources in one:
1. Pre-Production
2. Live Production
3. Post Production

The MVP can incorporate your choice of up to six Sony low-cost HDC-X300K, HDC-1400, HDC-1500 HDTV cameras, XDCAM camcorders, MFS-2000 1.5 M/E or MVS-8000G 2 M/E production switchers and any combination of up to six XDCAM HD optical disk recorders and HDCAM VTRs.

For disk playback you have a choice between various replay products, including Sony DSR-DR-1000 hard disk recorders with controllers.

The MVP also includes full Intercom and Tally, your choice of 24- or 32-channel audio mixer, plus 12-channel secondary mixer , your choice of Chyron LEX2 or Deko character generator, Luma monitoring and multi-format (HD, SD and analog) inputs and outputs.

Other options include linear editing, non-linear editing, slow-motion and web streaming capability.

General Features:
1. Multi-Format I/O
a. Analog
d. Stereo analog audio
2. Tamper-resistant input/output and power connections
a. All signal and power connections made inside vehicle
3. Separate Audio and Production areas
a. Separate benches for Tape and Graphics positions; main bench contains Director, TD and Video positions
4. Small footprint: trailer box is 24 feet long
5. Electric brakes
6. Interior and exterior task and work lighting
7. Front and rear fire extinguishers
8. Motion-activated security system

Click here for interior photos of the trailer

1. Cabin Dimensions:
a. Exterior: 24'L x 8'6"W x 9'6"H
i. 4' 1 " A-frame coupling tongue
ii. Working position with doors open & tongue: 10' 11" x 29'1"
b. interior:
i. Production area 13'7"L x 8'W x 6'7"H
ii. Audio area 7'6"L x 8'W x 6'7"H
2. GVW 10,000 lbs. Curb weight approx 6,500 Lbs.
3. 2x 50001b. capacity 102"W axles with 12" x 2" electric brakes
4. 120 Amp deep cycle 12V battery
5. 3 x 13,500 BTU air conditioners
6. Widebody Nose Cone
7. 2-5/16" top mount coupler (ball hitch) w/replaceable locking dog assembly
8. Scissor-type front and rear stabilizer jacks
9. Side door with integrated deadbolt
10. Double-opening rear doors with anti-rack cam bar lock
b. Door opening 90-314" W x 69"H
c. Separate Personnel access 30" door
11. Power consumption 16,000 Watts 130 Amps
12. Power connection: single-phase 220 VAC 100 Amps per leg with neutral and ground, via Camlok 10 16 connectors.

Equipment Complement:
1. Up to six Sony Cameras:
a. HDC-X300K, HDC-1400 or HDC-1500 cameras and/or PDW-F355 camcorder with CCU package
b. Cabling: units ships with 8 x 250'
i. Allows up to 800' cable runs dependent on cable size.
2. Switcher: MFS-2000, 1.5 M/E or MVS-8000G, 2 M/E
3. Video Monitoring (determined by VTR and camera complement):
a. 2x Luma 20" widescreen LCD monitors, HD-SDI input
b. 8x Luma dual 7" LCD monitors
c. 2 x LUMA Triple LCD
d. l x LUMA 9" LCD HD-SDI input
e. HD-SDI and NTSC waveform and vector scope
4. Graphics: dual channel Chyron LEX2 or Deko
5. Audio:
a. Main mixing console 32 in x 4 buses x 2 main outputs in audio production area
b. Secondary console in video production area for monitoring without audio production: 14 in x 2 out
c. Self-powered monitors in Audio and Production areas
d. Compressor limiters for both consoles
e. Two dual telephone interfaces
6. Telephone system: 4 four-line instruments
7. Intercom: 2-channel Clear-Com or RTS
8. 4 Channel IFB
9. Full patching
a. Video
b. Audio
c. RS-422
d. Cat-5 LAN
10. Pre-wired for popular editing applications