Programs & Applications

Programs & Applications
Sony M2M: Your Operations, Optimized

Sony M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Solutions use industry-standard information technology to deliver a whole new generation of service. Remote Monitoring. Data Backup. Error Remediation. Now you can manage your facility in ways you never thought possible.

With years of real-world experience, Sony’s M2M Solutions have been deployed with a variety of customers, from broadcast television companies with "live to air" news systems to retail stores requiring Point of Sale data transfers to hierarchical storage environments.

Our products and services have helped them to operate in a more efficiently and cost-effective manner, and have assisted customers with system restarts and recoveries after catastrophic failures such as power blackouts. With Sony Professional Services, you’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing that we’ve got your infrastructure covered.


Sony's SystemWatch℠ network monitoring is the highest level of remote monitoring service offered by Sony Professional Services to customers with 24/7 mission critical business ecosystems that will be adversely affected by operational interruptions. With SystemWatch, we continuously monitor the health of your entire ecosystem including mission critical systems, the health of the networks over which the data these systems generate flow, and environmental conditions affecting system performance.

Device Monitor

Sony takes the guesswork out of maintaining your infrastructure with Device Monitor, a predictive and preventive monitoring system that provides continuous information on your devices, providing real-time reporting to help you maximize uptime, extend the life of your equipment and increase your return on investment. Being web-based, Device Monitor resides on your corporate intranet, automatically notifying your personnel in the event of a problem.
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The IT processes that keep your operations running may be subject to routine errors – and it takes time for your IT support staff to check out each problem manually. Sony’s iTRxSM solution provides consistency checking, and automated process error remediation. It utilizes updateable software agents to monitor your retail processes, output commands in response to error conditions, and repair many problems automatically. The result? Your systems stay up and running – and you save time and money.
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Backup and Restore (BAR)

Sony Backup and Restore (BAR) solutions have set new standards for capacity, reliability and performance for data backup. To achieve the highest levels of data availability, you need to ensure that database recovery can be performed quickly and efficiently in case catastrophic occurs. We will work with you to design a BAR solution to meet the specific needs of your business today. The systems are designed, deployed and maintained with the confidence of Sony Professional Services.
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Display Control System (DCS)

The Sony Display Control System (DCS) lets you centrally control display and A/V device readiness throughout your facility from a single, central console. With a touch of a button, you can choose to control All Displays, Groups, or individual televisions, with menus tailored to your facility layout. For years now, our award-winning Sony Professional Services team has been hard at work in venues and campuses throughout the world. With Sony Professional Services, we can develop a scalable solution to fit your needs and budget.

For more information or to purchase Sony's Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions, please contact:
David Catalano (201-930-6355)