Device Monitor

Remote Monitoring Applications

Designed for customers with infrastructure that includes a mix of Sony and non-Sony devices. Device Monitor's ability to tie in many non-Sony legacy devices to the overall monitoring capability gives customers greater return on their remote monitoring application investment.

Sony Professional Services' Device Monitor v7.0

Sony's Device Monitor is a multi-protocol monitoring system that provides continuous health and utilization awareness of your devices, the environmental conditions in which they operate, and the network conditions to which they are attached. In addition to open standards like SNMP, HTTP and XML that are presently adopted for use in new devices, Device Monitor also talks to Sony's ISR, VDCP, PJCP and plasma display devices as well as other major manufacturers' legacy devices, such as Panasonic's D5 and DVC-PRO products.

  • Support for Sony studio cameras
  • Central control of a monitoring web
  • Automatically update machine setups
  • Automatic personnel notification and reporting
  • Comprehensive maintenance reporting
  • Web-based simplicity and security
  • Flexible coverage for large/small installations

Device Monitor has the ability to automatically update machine setups resulting in less downtime and greater certainty for your end users. You can use it to track information for other devices for which no interface exists, to automatically notify personnel in the event of a problem, escalate the notification process, keep operations managers up to date on realtime device performance, pre-set maintenance due schedules, and log work performed… all while updating decision makers through the delivery of scheduled reports. Device Monitor is supported on numerous platforms including Windows® 2000 and XP as well as UNIX® variants such as Solaris® and Linux® and works within your current infrastructure to keep other systems up to date on current status. For large scale installations or numerous sites, you can have multiple Device Monitor application servers share a centralized database. Plus being completely web-based means there is no client-side installation required.

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