Service Center Locations

USA map showing service center locations Service Center Locations

Teaneck, NJ Laredo, TX San Diego, CA Los Angeles, CA San Jose, CA In order to provide the most efficient service possible, we've made some changes to our service locations and capabilities. A major advantage is increased service capability in the metropolitan New York and Los Angeles areas.

If you have any questions about where to send an item for repair, please call our national toll-free number: 866-766-9272, option 2.

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Teaneck Service Center
123 W. Tryon Avenue
Teaneck, New Jersey 07666
Phone: 201-833-5300
All USA Customers
  • Professional Headphones
  • Remote control cameras
  • Wireless audio (microphones/receivers)
  • Videoconference Products


Mid-West and Eastern States (not covered by the Carson Service Center)

  • All Professional/Broadcast Camcorders and Decks
  • Professional Audio Products
  • Analog and Digital VTRs
  • Systems Products
Western Service Facility Carson
Sony Service Center
Sony Electronics Inc.
2201 E Carson Street
Carson, CA 90810
Voice: 323-352-5000
FAX: 323-352-5039
All USA Customers
  • F65 CineAlta cameras


States of Alaska, Hawaii, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona
  • All Professional/Broadcast Camcorders and Decks
  • Analog and Digital VTRs
  • Professional Audio Products (Except: Wireless Microphones)
Laredo Service Center
11302 EastPoint Drive
Building B, Suite C
Laredo, Texas 78045
Phone: 866-357-6230

All USA Customers
  • Medical products - printers, monitors, cameras
  • Photo printers
  • Professional VPL Projectors
  • Public LCD Displays
  • FCB Block Cameras

Field Operations

Paul Silkowski, Manager
Office: 323-352-5002

Western Field Scheduling:
Claire Hooper: 323-352-5006
Eastern Field Scheduling:
Jill Nugent: 201-833-5352