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Since 1970, Sony Training Institute, the industry education leader, has trained thousands of professionals like you on the latest service technologies and production techniques. In addition to offering production and post production courses taught with digital or a mixture of digital and analog equipment, Sony Training Institute provides the latest training on digital, high definition and 3D technology.

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Product Maintenance

Our maintenance courses can help build your skills, reduce your downtime and advance your career. All courses combine classroom presentation and hands-on lab work. Upon completion, the student will have received training in maintaining equipment to Sony specifications. More than 30 course titles are available.

All Courses Feature:
  • Balance of classroom presentation and hands-on lab work.
  • Emphasis on real-life, need-to-know knowledge with discussions at the block diagram level.
  • Labs that are focused on the alignment procedures most often performed in the field. Many classes also include diagnostic lab exercises.
  • State of the art test equipment to be used under the supervision of an experienced technical instructor.
  • Limited class size to ensure maximum student participation and access to equipment.
  • Essential documentation and support material.

Product Operations

Most of our operations courses are taught by Sony employees or skilled working professionals who use the equipment in a day-to-day post production or news environment. Because the instructors have a working knowledge of the product, they provide much more than the typical feature overview course. Instead, they provide you with specific instruction on how to use the product in your application, be it news or post.

Many of our operations courses are also available as on-site classes. We can come to your facility and train your staff on your equipment, addressing the operational needs specific to your operation. On-site courses are not limited to the products listed here in the catalog. Our training instructors are available to conduct classes at your facility on any Sony product, even those which may no longer be manufactured.

Video Workshops

Founded in 1970, Sony Training Institute provides professional training on the latest video technologies and advances, to help you move your career forward. We offer more than 20 intensive video workshop and operations course titles for various levels of experience in all aspects of video operation and creation.

Sony Training Institute's faculty consists of a variety of notable industry professionals. We provide instruction on a wide array of topics in the areas of production, post production and video technology.

Distance Learning Courses

A large portion of any company's training expense is for travel. In many instances, travel costs exceed those for course fees. Managers considering whether or not to send a staff member to training have to balance the benefits along with the full costs including the less tangible ones such as covering for the employee who is away from the office. Sony Training Institute has long recognized this dilemma and has responded with shorter duration classes and distance learning courses in the form of videotape, computer-based and on-line self instruction packages.

Advances in internet technologies have given us the means to increase the effectiveness of our non-classroom based distance learning course offerings. We can deliver interactive eTraining to eliminate the travel requirement while at the same time minimizing classroom time. eTraining courses, including the popular Video Compression Essentials are listed with the On-Line Training course page.

All students receive a certificate upon completion of each Sony Training Institute course.