Virtual Tumor Board

Collaboration Across the Miles

Thanks to Sony's state-of-the-art IPELA® HD visual communications system, medical specialists located in hospitals 300 miles apart convene for regularly scheduled tumor board meetings every month without ever leaving their workplace.

Using the advanced Sony IP-based model PCS-HG90 system with a PCSA-HG90 pan-tilt-zoom camera, doctors at El Camino Hospital in Silicon Valley and City of Hope Medical Center in southern California interact in real-time and share virtual data with precision and clarity, enabling seamless collaboration on difficult liver tumor cases.

Bringing together highly skilled experts and superb quality images with lightning-fast virtual efficiency, these tumor boards may deliver greater benefits for all involved than face-to-face consultations.

"Our Sony high-definition visual communications system allows us to share detailed CT scans and pathology slides with physicians at other institutions," says surgical oncologist Shyamali Singhal, director of El Camino Hospital's Cancer Center. "The implications for physicians collaborative education are enormous as we can now remotely share sharp, clear views."

The doctors note that precise details and color reproduction are vital when viewing images of blood, bones and organs. The Sony HD IPELA system excels at capturing subtle nuances of the color in the surgical field with appropriate levels of gradation and shading. These images provide physicians with vital information to differentiate anatomical structure and clearly discern areas of vascularization and more.

The easy-to-operate, reliable Sony HD IPELA system provides interactive video and stereo audio over any Internet or network connection. At these two progressive hospitals, tomorrow's advanced technology has already has become part of ongoing surgical routines today.

"This real-time collaboration can lead to faster decision making," said Singhal, noting that in the future, "Our hope is to broadcast and view live surgical cases over the secure network and share that information with some of the most prominent institutions in the U.S."