Digital Motion Picture Cameras

A brilliant choice
shines even

Highly sensitive, extremely modular, and wonderfully adaptable to different production agendas, the Sony F5 is a landmark digital motion picture camera. And Sony has made it better still. By providing higher-than-promised frame rates: up to 240 fps 2K RAW, with the AXS-R5 and R7 recorders, sold separately. By extending RAW functionality with the Cache Recording mode of the AXS-R7. By delivering true ENG/documentary ergonomics with the innovative shoulder-mount dock, sold separately. By offering powerful recording options like the Apple ProRes 422 HD and Avid DNxHD® codecs and on-board 4K recording, sold separately. And we enable F5 owners to upgrade to their cameras to the F55.

Bob Poole with the F5 in Mozambique.
Photo credit: Gina Poole

240 fps: When you
feel the need for speed

F5 high speed shooting is your ticket to exquisite slow motion. When you shoot 2K RAW at 240 fps and play back at 24p, you’ll get 10x super slow motion playback, perfect for catching not only sports, stunts and explosions, but also nature in delicious detail. (Requires AXS-R5 or AXS-R7 recorder, sold separately.)

Color outside the lines:
16-bit linear RAW

Why accept ordinary color when you can go substantially beyond? Sony preserves every last nuance of color with phenomenal 16-bit linear RAW recording. This encodes over 65,000 discrete shades Red, plus 65,000 Blues,
plus 65,000 greens, for more than 275,000,000,000,000 possible colors.

Derek Rhodes of Shutterstock took in the view from the top of the Empire State Building in Sony RAW.

Apple ProRes 422
and Avid DNxHD codecs

Sony’s recording formats embody high performance, widespread adoption, and broad compatibility. But even Sony understands that you may prefer to keep your material in the Apple ProRes 422 or Apple ProRes 4444 codecs through the entire production pipeline, or you may prefer the Avid DNxHD® codec. Now the F5 accommodates both with the addition of the CBK-55PD encoder board, sold separately. The extra-cost option enables you to drop F5 files directly into compatible software.

Designed to work in your world

From small owner-operators to big-budget productions, the F5 has you covered with the camera world’s most robust range of recording options. You’ve got a choice of five resolutions and seven codecs. From the industry standby MPEG-2 codec to the most advanced 16-bit linear RAW recording, the systems are carefully tailored to preserve maximum picture quality at each bit rate. And they’re compatible with a full catalogue of third-party systems for color correction and editing.

DP Richard Wong shot the crime thriller “Man from Reno” in XAVC I HD using S-Log-2.

Put your
shoulder into it

Sony’s CBK-55BK shoulder-mount dock for the F5 is another game changer. Slide the camera into the dock and suddenly you’ve got the familiar ergonomics of a true shoulder-mount camera. Slip on a B4 lens (adapter sold separately), switch into Center Scan mode and suddenly you’ve got the same angle of view, depth of field, and operability as a broadcast camera. The F5 can be a 35 mm camera for one shot. And a 2/3-inch camera for the next!

The CBK-55BK dock transforms the F5 with the
familiar ergonomics and proper balance of a
shoulder mount camera.

The Transformer: from F5 to F55

Life moves forward. Opportunities emerge. Careers develop. That’s why Sony created an upgrade path. Now you can start with the F5, master the camera and earn a living. And when the time is right, you can add on-board 4K recording in XAVC I and real-time 4K output with the CBKZ-55FX downloadable software license, sold separately. Or transform your F5 into an F55 with the CBK-55UK upgrade kit, sold separately. You’ll reap the natural skin tones of Sony’s S-Gamut color filter array, the geometric integrity of Sony’s frame image scan, and more.

“APEX: the Story of the Hypercar” by boutique production company, TangentVector documents the creation of the Koenigsegg One:1.
Photo credit: Jalopnik / GF Williams.