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AXS-R7: New production power for the F55.

The F55 camera takes a major step forward with the AXS-R7 16-bit linear memory recorder, which joins the original AXS-R5. We created the R7 in consultation with cinematographers working in feature films, commercials, reality, documentary, wildlife, underwater and other genres. In response to their needs, the recorder delivers continuous, 4K 120 FPS recording, up to 30 seconds of cache recording, a more rugged chassis, more rigid attachment to the camera and dual media slots. In addition to 16-bit linear RAW in 4K and 2K, the R7 introduces Sony’s innovative 16-bit linear X-OCN recording.

Image courtesy of Bob Poole


Continuous, full-resolution: 4K 120 fps

You told us you wanted High Frame Rates to capture dramatic content and slow down the graceful movement of wildlife. The AXS-R7 delivers beautifully. While some systems reduce resolution and skip lines in the pursuit of High Frame Rates, the combination of the AXS-R7 and F55 achieves 4K 120 FPS in full resolution with no line skipping. When you play back at 24p, you get incredible 5x super slow motion. For shots that require even higher frame rates, the F55 can capture 2K 16-bit linear RAW at up to 240 FPS with the R7 and R5 recorders. (Simultaneous recording is not available at 4K 120 FPS.)

Up to 30 seconds
of cache recording

Documentary, natural history and reality DPs need to expect the unexpected. That’s why the AXS-R7 can capture up to 30 seconds of 2K RAW or up to 24 seconds of 4K RAW before you hit the Record button. Cache recording times vary by frame rate, recording mode and resolution.

Cache recording time, by frame rate

Codec 23.98 fps 24 fps 25 fps 29.97 fps 50 fps 60 fps
2K X-OCN LT 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec.
4K X-OCN LT 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 22-24 sec.
2K X-OCN ST 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec.
4K X-OCN ST 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 13-15 sec. 8-10 sec.
2K RAW 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec. 28-30 sec.
4K RAW 22-24 sec. 22-24 sec. 22-24 sec. 13-15 sec. 6-8 sec. 4-6 sec.

Introducing X-OCN 16-bit recording

In addition to 16-bit linear RAW, the AXS-R7 supports Sony’s 16-bit linear X-OCN recording. Short for eXtended Tonal Range - Original Camera Negative, X-OCN delivers uncompromising image capture at incredibly low data rates. The system takes advantage of Sony’s unique algorithm, specifically tuned for the F55 and F5 sensors.

Like other codecs, X-OCN produces file sizes much smaller than typical camera RAW, resulting in longer record times, faster file transfers and more economical postproduction. But unlike conventional codecs, X-OCN offers two powerful advantages.

Non-destructive recording. Instead of “baking in” your settings for Exposure Index, color space, LUTs, gamma, log and others, X-OCN captures these parameters as monitoring settings. This process is completely non-destructive, delivering the full potential of the original sensor data into postproduction. As a result, your colorist and editor are empowered with far greater decision-making flexibility than is possible with conventional video.

16-bit linear capture. The quality of X-OCN 16-bit linear recording far exceeds 10- or even 12-bit formats – often at lower bit rates. 16-bit recording means roughly 65,000 tonal gradations per channel and 65,0003 or 280 trillion individual shades of color. As a result, you get the ultimate in grayscale expression, for powerful High Dynamic Range whether you’re using S-Log3, SMPTE ST-2084, Hybrid Log Gamma, ACES or other workflow options where 16-bit has a significant advantage.

The AXS-R7 delivers two modes of X-OCN recording in both 2K and 4K. X-OCN ST (Standard) is the choice for maximum quality while X-OCN LT (Light) is ideal where lower data rates and smaller file sizes are critical. High Frame Rate capture extends to 4K/120 FPS and 2K/240 FPS with the F55.

Robust, splash-resistant construction

Sony’s CineAlta® cameras have captured memorable pictures from the glaciers of Iceland to the Australian Outback to the jungles of Costa Rica. We’ve been in feature films, press scrums and war zones. So we built the AXS-R7 to an unusually high standard of durability. To prevent water and dust entry, the ventilation system is completely sealed from the electronics. The resulting recorder is both dust- and splash-resistant.* Dustproof certifies to IEC 60529 IPX5 standard. The all-metal chassis is uncommonly rugged. We’ve even beefed up the way the recorder bolts onto the camera. A large top bracket accepts four, widely spaced 1/4 inch hex screws, the better to withstand vigorous handling.

*Requires that all ports and covers are firmly closed.

To stand up to rigorous field conditions, the AXS-R7 attaches to the camera via four, widely spaced 1/4-inch hex screws.

Dual media slots

For operating convenience, the AXS-R7 features two slots, which accept Sony’s slim AXSM A series media cards.

16-bit linear RAW

High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut are generating more and more excitement among the creative community and home viewers alike. The AXS-R7 is beautifully prepared. Sony's 16-bit RAW recording captures overwhelming dynamic range. 16-bit RAW also retains about 4,000 times as many shades of color as 12-bit recording, and an incredible 200,000 times as many shades as 10-bit! In addition, Sony’s 16-bit linear RAW is the ideal point of entry into ACES – the 16-bit linear Academy Color Encoding System.

High speed S48
(4.8 Gbps) AXS memory cards

To facilitate high-speed workflows in 4K at a continuous 120 FPS RAW recording, Sony’s latest AXS memory cards read and write at a sustained 4.8 Gigabits per second. The AXS-A1TS48 and A512S48 (slim cards, black trim) come in capacities of 1 TB and 512 GB.* The AXS-R7 also works with the A Series S24 media (slim cards, blue trim) which offer capacities of 1 TB, 512 GB and 256 GB.* S24 cards support recording 4K RAW up to 60 FPS and 2K RAW up to 240 FPS. While the X-OCN acquisition format supports A Series S24 and A Series S48 cards, 4K 120p X-OCN-ST recording requires S48 cards. The AXS-R7 recorder is not compatible with the larger form factor of the first-generation AXS-512S24 cards.

* 1 GB equals one billion bytes and 1 TB equals one trillion bytes, a portion of which is used for data management functions.

The AXS-R7 records to all of Sony’s slim AXS A Series memory cards.

Recording format Frame rate 1 TB cards*
512 GB Cards*
256 GB card*
4K RAW 24 fps 120 min. 60 min. 30 min.
60 fps 48 min. 24 min. 12 min.
120fps (F55 only) 22min. (S48 only) 11min. (S48 only) n/a
4K X-OCN ST 24 fps 168 min. 84 min. 42 min.
60 fps 66 min. 33 min. 16 min.
120fps (F55 only) 32 min. (S48 only) 16 min. (S48 only) n/a
4K X-OCN LT 24 fps 284 min. 142 min. 71 min.
60 fps 54 min. 56 min. 28 min.
120 fps (F55 only) 54 min. 27 min. 13 min.
2K RAW 24 fps 480 min. 240 min. 120 min.
60 fps 192 min. 96 min. 48 min.
120 fps 96 min. 48 min. 24 min.
240 fps 48 min. 24 min. 12 min.
2K X-OCN ST 24 fps 666 min. 333 min. 166 min.
60 fps 270 min. 135 min. 67 min.
120 fps 136 min. 68 min. 34 min.
240 fps 68 min. 34 min. 17 min.
2K X-OCN LT 24 fps 1012 min. 506 min. 253 min.
60 fps 414 min. 207 min. 103 min.
120 fps 207 min. 103 min. 51 min.
240 fps 103 min. 51 min. 25 min.

* 1 GB equals one billion bytes and 1 TB equals one trillion bytes, a portion of which is used for data management functions.

AXS-R7 and AXS-R5 compared

4K RAW Up to 60 FPS (with F5) Up to 60 FPS
Up to 120 FPS (with F55)
2K RAW Up to 240 FPS Up to 240 FPS
X-OCN 4K recording Up to 60 FPS (with F5) -
Up to 120 FPS (with F55)
X-OCN 2K recording Up to 240 FPS -
Cache recording Up to 30 seconds RAW and X-OCN -
Dust resistant* Yes -
Splash resistant* Yes -
Camera attachment Four rigid screws with top plate & quick release Quick release
Compatible memory AXS A Series only AXS original and AXS A Series
Memory slots Two – side insertion One – top insertion
Rec/Play with HXR-IFR5 - Yes
Compatible with CBK-55BK build-up kit Yes Yes
Monitor BNC output - Yes

*Requires that all ports and covers are firmly closed. Dustproof certifies to IEC 60529 IPX5 standard.