Digital Motion Picture Cameras

Push the boundaries

Kauai sunrise. Aug 2013. FS700 w/4K
& SmallHD AC7-SDI monitor

“The FS700’s ability to capture full frame 1080P footage at a mind blowing 240 frames per second while being handheld mere inches from the edge of a plunging waterfall exceeded our expectations,” said Matt Katsolis, director/DP, Interpret Studios, working on “First Descent: Michoacán,” a production of Red Bull Media House and Univision. Photo credit: John Rothwell, Red Bull Content Pool.

Exquisite Super Slow Motion (960 fps)

Once the exclusive province of fantastically expensive cameras, Super Slow Motion became far more accessible with the Sony FS700. 120 and 240 frames per second burst recording captures Full HD 1920 x 1080. Playing back at 24 fps yields compelling slow motion at 1/5 or 1/10 normal speed. Or choose 480 and 960 fps burst recording (at reduced resolution) for even more creative possibilities. The camera also supports Super Slow Motion in 2K and 4K outboard recording via the 3G-SDI output.

RAW possibilities

To capture every bit of the action and preserve every nuance of what the sensor sees, the FS700R supports outboard RAW recording with 12-bit linear precision and 4K resolution. You can pair the camera with Sony’s own HXR-IFR5 interface and AXS-R5 RAW recorder, or choose an appropriately-configured Convergent Design® Odyssey 7Q recorder, which includes an OLED monitor and flexible video recording options. Sony packages the Odyssey 7Q in our FS700RH/7QPAC (with lens) and FS700R/7QPAC (without).

The camera shown with the Convergent Design
Odyssey 7Q outboard recorder, Movcam®
shoulder rig and Anton Bauer® battery, all sold
separately. Photo Credit: Convergent Design.

Compact, lightweight and reasonably priced,
the SEL-P28135G could very well change the way you shoot.

This lens changes everything: Sony’s E-mount servo zoom

A key advantage of the FS700R is Sony’s E-Mount, part of the α Mount system. With an 18 mm flange back distance, the mount accommodates native Sony E-Mount lenses, plus Sony A-mount, cinema PL mount and SLR lenses via adapters, sold separately. And now, there’s another reason to appreciate the E-Mount system: Sony’s latest E-Mount servo zoom lens, the SEL-P28135G. Unlike SLR lenses, this 28-135mm F/4 G OSS zoom is designed from the ground up for moving pictures. Features like motorized zoom, constant aperture, click-free iris, image stabilization, internal focus, internal zoom and ultra-quiet operation open up all-new possibilities.

Beautiful bokeh

At 24.0 x 12.7 millimeters, the image sensor of the FS700R is very close to the dimensions of the Super 35 3-perf film aperture. So cinema lenses will behave as you expect them to, without undue crop factor or telephoto conversion. You also have the expected control over depth of focus, to guide the attention of your audience. With a good lens, you’ll experience luscious “bokeh,” the graceful out-of-focus highlights that are hallmarks of cinematic imagery.

Directors of photography and Pro Video Coalition contributors Art Adams and Adam Wilt put the FS700 through its paces.
Download the 4K DPX file here.