Digital Motion Picture Cameras

The Standard.

Now there’s an even more versatile, more capable, more responsive version of Sony’s FS7. Based on feedback from cinematographers, we’ve complemented the FS7 with the FS7 II. Here’s all the performance of the original, and more. Surpass ordinary exposure control with our Electronic Variable ND filter. Secure your lenses with our Lever Lock type E-Mount. Work faster, with greater confidence thanks to even more refined ergonomics. And change your point of view with Sony’s highly capable 18-110mm servo zoom. Welcome to the next level in handheld shooting.

Actual FS7 II Screen Capture

Electronic Variable ND

Here’s a fresh way to control exposure. Aperture adjustments affect your depth of field. Shutter speed adjustments affect the presentation of motion. But Sony’s Electronic Variable ND maintains optimum exposure without sacrificing any other parameters. Auto ND mode achieves auto exposure with cine lenses, rangefinder glass and third-party SLR lenses. And Auto ND empowers you to park your iris at the lens “sweet spot,” where distortions are lowest and resolution is highest.

Lever Lock
type E-Mount

A robust E-Mount with a locking collar makes for more confident lens changes. To mount, simply hold the lens steady and turn the collar instead. When the collar clicks, your lens is securely locked into place. This minimizes image shifting as you work. The Lever Lock type E-Mount also supports heavier cine and ENG lenses without additional rigging. As before, the camera accepts Sony’s E-Mount lenses, along with simple third-party adaptors for PL mount cinema lenses, SLR and DSLR glass, and even classic rangefinder lenses.

Ergonomics to work
faster, with more

The ergonomics set the FS7 apart. Now they’re even better. Put the viewfinder exactly where you want it with the robust multi-adjustable arm. Extend Sony’s telescoping Smart Grip arm entirely without tools. Park the arm alongside the body for waist-level shooting. Then experience the Smart Grip, body shape and balance that so many cinematographers have praised.

With its ergonomic design, Sony's original FS7 won the prestigious iF, Red Dot and Good Design awards.

Sony’s highly capable
18-110 mm servo zoom

Sony engineered the new SEL-P18110G for moving pictures. You can switch between motorized zoom or full manual, with snap zooms just a flick away. Across the entire zoom range, there’s minimal shift in focus, minimal shift in image axis and no loss in F-stop. The direct focus ring offers 240° of travel and 0.8 mm gearing, the standard for follow focus. We also took care in selecting the focal lengths. 18mm is nice and wide, while 110mm is perfect for interviews.

And more

To the 4K Super35 performance of the original PXW-FS7, the FS7 II also adds the following refinements.

  • ITU-R BT.2020 recording is directly compatible with BT.2020 distribution
  • Pop-up LCD monitor hood in addition to the detachable eyepiece
  • Improved eyepiece hook for more secure attachment
  • Easier access to media cards for convenient removal