Lowering your total cost of ownership

These superb – and superbly affordable – projectors don't just save you money at the moment of purchase. They continue to lower costs throughout the life cycle. You save the cost of lamp replacement. You lower your electric bills, thanks to advanced auto dimming options. You save on periodic maintenance. You help save the environment: unlike projection lamps, the laser light source is mercury-free. You even save on interconnects. The HDBaseT™ interface provides audio, video and control over a single, inexpensive cable.

Unlike projector lamps, which require periodic replacement and incur rapid loss of light output, Sony's laser light source is far more stable.

Sony's Z-Phosphor breakthrough

No replacement lamps. Up to 20,000 hours of operation with minimal maintenance. Faster start-up and faster shutdown. Reduced heat dissipation and lower fan noise. Flexibility to install at any angle: portrait, landscape or in-between. These are the benefits of laser projection. And nobody delvers those benefits like Sony. Our award-winning Z-Phosphor models derive 100% of the light from lasers – not laser/LED hybrids. And Sony was first in the world to combine the genius of laser with the color reproduction of 3LCD.

The integrity of 3LCD color

Single-chip projectors can only flash one color on the screen at a time. You typically get a flash or Red, a flash of Green and then a flash of Blue. This requires your brain to "assemble" these separate flashes into a coherent image. Sony's 3LCD projectors show all the colors all the time – just like life. The result is a consistently bright image, no matter if you're showing spreadsheets, presentations or video. And the projectors incorporate Sony's exclusive BrightEra® 3LCD panel technology, renowned for thermal stability and long operating life.

Auto filter cleaning and auto color calibrating VPL-PHZ10/PWZ10 are equipped with an automatic filter cleaning function which is conducted every 100 hours automatically. You don't have to worry about cleaning/washing filters. Newly introduced auto calibration function can reset colors, which shift over time, to initial condutions to enjoy initial image quality over years!

At any given instant, single-chip projectors can only show a single color, typically Red, or Green or Blue. Just like life, Sony's 3LCD projectors show all the colors, all the time.

Plays nicely with others

These projectors are easy to install, easy to integrate and easy to operate. Thanks to the laser light engine, you can install the projectors at any angle. The built-in lens accommodates a wide range of installations with manual focus, manual zoom and generous lens shift: +20/+55% vertical, +/-10% horizontal. So you don't need to align the projector precisely on the central axis of your screen.

Enhanced image quality

The VPL-PHZ10 and PWZ10 incorporate sophisticated circuitry from Sony's home theater projectors. Our "Reality Creation" engine analyzes and processes every input signal to refine detail, clarity and sharpness for beautiful image scaling. This maximizes image detail, even on the lower-resolution WXGA model. The Contrast Enhancer feature expands the perceived dynamic range of the signal by refining light and dark areas of the image in real-time.

Our "Reality Creation" engine enables the WXGA model to achieve superlative apparent resolution on video images — almost on a par with our WUXGA models, as shown in these unretouched photos of projected images.

Compact and light

About 45% lighter and 50% smaller than Sony's FHZ/FWZ laser models, these projectors blend in beautifully to any décor. Both measure just 20 x 4.4 x 14 inches (WxHxD).

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