Advanced Camera Features

Advanced Camera Features

Sony’s Exclusive High-performance “G Lens”

Sony Lens G

Discover the exceptional optical performance of Sony’s “G Lens”. This sophisticated lens incorporates Sony’s unique optical technology and unparalleled quality control. Moreover, it’s been optimized to perfectly complement the camcorder’s advanced image sensor and image-processing technology, thus expanding your shooting possibilities. Express yourself more fully with the utmost precision of Sony’s “G Lens”.

Major “G Lens” Features on the HVR-Z5U

The 29.5mm wide-angle “G Lens” (equivalent to 35mm film) on the HVR-Z5U offers a field of view that’s ideal for many shooting situations, ranging from broad landscape shots to conditions where sufficient distance from the subject is difficult to obtain. Its 20x optical zoom capability also enables shooting over a wide zooming range.
Two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements reduce chromatic aberrations caused by differences in light refraction to minimize color fringing. The advanced 10-group, 15-element lens structure also includes compound aspheric lenses for images that are crisp and clear even when shooting movies at high zooming ratio.
Advanced optical lens technology makes the most of Sony’s 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor system to realize sharper images with higher resolution and less noise even when shooting in very low light.
The six-blade iris diaphragm is nearly circular, enabling the creation of extremely beautiful background blur.

Natural-touch Lens Operation

Newly designed focus, zoom, and iris control functions provide convenient lens operation. The zoom function is variable and can be controlled using the lens barrel ring, the lever at the lens grip, or the lever on the camera handle. Additionally, once you select the high-speed zoom mode, you can zoom from wide to telephoto modes about 1.5x faster than with the HVR-V1U.
The lens barrel ring controls the iris, and a simple menu adjustment allows you to change the direction of rotation to open and close it. Furthermore, you can control overall exposure by changing the function of the iris ring. Exposure control automatically adjusts the optimum iris, gain, and shutter settings. Using exposure control mode, you can also fix the gain and shutter settings. This function is ideal for varied shooting environments that range from very dark to very bright, allowing easy one-handed control using single-ring operation. The ergonomic layout of the zoom, focus, and iris control rings makes operation of these three functions possible with just one hand. Moreover, the built-in digital extender system increases the zoom ratio to approximately 30x. Sony’s Super SteadyShot system (optical) helps you achieve a stable picture even when camera handling is unsteady.
The HVR-Z5U also provides three built-in ND (Neutral Density) filters and accommodates the addition of an optional 0.8x wide conversion lens. These features provide enhanced shooting flexibility to suit your production requirements.

An Ideal Handheld Camcorder Design

Sony has responded to professional user feedback to create the ideal handheld camcorder with ergonomically designed body-weight balance and a well-planned layout of buttons and connectors to reduce camera operator fatigue.

Two Screw Holes for Secure Connection

To provide a more secure connection between the camcorder and tripod plate or other accessories, two screw holes have been incorporated into the base plate of the camcorder.