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Ready for HYBRID Solution

Ready for HYBRID Solution with HVR-MRC1K (Option)

HYBRIDThe HVR-Z5U is ready for HDV/DV HYBRID operation with the optional HVR-MRC1K Memory Recording Unit. In HYBRID operation, you can simultaneously record video footage to tape and to a standard CompactFlash (CF) card. The HVR-Z5U has a special shoe connector*1 for direct attachment of the HVR-MRC1K without the use of a cable. This smart combination never interferes with shooting operations. The ergonomically integrated design provides easier handling in any shooting situation.
The HVR-MRC1K automatically synchronizes with the recording commands of the HVR-Z5U. Various recording options are available when using the HVR-MRC1K in HYBRID operation. These include Synchronous recording, Relay recording, or HVR-MRC1K-only recording. Furthermore, the HVR-Z5U can display HVR-MRC1K status information on its LCD for convenient reference. The display data includes Connection status, REC status, and the remaining CF recording time. It is very convenient to be able to monitor the operation of HVR-MRC1K without having to check the rear display panel.


The intelligent shoe connector inputs and outputs an HDV/DV stream and supplies power to the HVR-MRC1K Memory Recording Unit. The i.LINK connector is not available when the unit is attached to the camcorder.

The recording time on a 16-GB CF card*2 in HDV, DVCAM and DV format*3 is approximately 72 minutes.

CF card capacity Recording time (approximately)
16GB 72 minutes
8GB 36 minutes
4GB 18 minutes
2GB 9 minutes

*2 At least 133x speed and 2GB capacity is required. The NCFD8GP and NCFD16GP Sony CF cards are recommended.
*3 The recording time may change according to the CF card type and recording format.