Creative Versatility

Creative Versatility

Picture Profile™

Up to six different picture-quality settings, including gamma and color settings, can be registered in the memory as Picture Profile. This labor-saving function allows operators to easily recall customized picture-quality settings for various shooting conditions. It is also useful for matching footage shot at different times or for multi-camera setups. The Picture Profile functions of the HVR-Z5U are the same as those of the high-end HVR-Z7U model, which include enhanced versions of the HVR-Z1U and HVR-V1U functions, plus a selection of new ones.

Color Depth

Generally, the brightness of a video image increases as the color level becomes more vivid. In the HVR-Z5U, the brightness and color level are processed independently so that more flexible tone – for instance, a dark image with vivid color – is realized by 3D-LUT*1 color processing.


3D-LUT = three-dimensional look-up table.

Color Correction

The Color Correction function of the HVR-Z1U has been improved in the HVR-Z5U. Color Correction provides two functions for creative shooting. The Color Extraction function can retain up to two desired colors of monitored pictures on the screen, while making all other colors black and white. The advanced function allows users to select the color simply by pressing a button to memorize the center color of the captured image.
The Color Revision function can change the hue of the color specifically designated by the Color Extraction function. This function is good not only for creating impressive images, but also for blue or green screen shooting in order to normalize uneven color. The color data is stored in each Picture Profile so that users can select the most suitable color setting for each shooting situation.

Color Correction Images Simulated


Color Extraction

Color Extraction

Color Revision

Color Revision

WB (White Balance) Shift

The WB Shift function allows users to create a custom color or to adjust the color temperature of the camcorder. There are two WB Shift options to choose from:

LB-CC type: adjusting the LB axis (color temperature) and CC filter effect.
R-B level type: adjusting the red and blue levels

Skintone Detail

This function allows users to change the sharpness of an object with a specific color, and is particularly good for making skin tones look more natural. The target color can be specified by controlling the Phase/Range/Saturation/Y Level/Y Range parameters or by pressing a button to specify the color of an object with a color picker. If the sharpness of the background object is decreased, the blur looks more natural.

Smooth Slow Rec

The Smooth Slow Rec function of the HVR-Z5U enables smooth slow-motion playback by capturing images 4x faster than normal (240 fields/s). In this mode, for example, quad-speed images are captured for three seconds, stored in the built-in buffer memory, and then recorded to tape (in either HDV, DVCAM, or DV format) as slow-motion pictures lasting 12 seconds*2. This allows recorded images to be checked immediately in the field. Recoding durations are available in three, six, and 12 seconds depended on the picture quality. Picture quality is slightly degraded, but this quad-speed imaging capture is the fastest speed available in compact HD camcorders. Smooth Slow Rec is ideal for sports or nature photography, where the action can be viewed more easily in slow motion, and opens up many creative possibilities.


Audio cannot be recorded while shooting in this mode.

Shot Transition™ Function

The Shot Transition function allows for smooth automatic scene transitions. After you have programmed a shot’s START and END point settings (e.g., for zoom, focus, iris, gain, shutter speed, and white balance) and pressed the start button, a smooth picture transition takes place over the duration of the shot by automatically calculating intermediate setting values. This is very useful when complex camera settings are required during the scene transition – for example, when panning the camcorder from a distant object to a close object. Transition types can be selected from a choice of “LINEAR”, “SOFT STOP”, and “SOFT TRANS”, transition time can be set from 2 to 90 seconds, and start delay time can be selected from 5, 10, and 20 seconds.

Assignable Features

HVR-Z5U provides up to seven ASSIGN buttons for quick access to frequently used functions suitable for variable shooting conditions. Some default functions are pre-assigned by name. The assignable functions are AE Shift, Back Light, Color Bars, Digital Extender, End Search, Expanded Focus, Fader, Focus Macro, Hyper Gain, Index Mark, Last Scene Review, Marker, Peaking, Photo, Picture Profile, Push AT Iris, REC Review, Ring Rotate, Shot Transition, Smooth Slow REC, Spot Light, Steady Shot, TC Reset, TC Count Up, and Zebra.