Revolutionizing HDV and DV Productions - Streamlining Your Workflow from Acquisition, to Editing, to Material Archiving

Speed, reliability, operability, and versatility are key concerns in any video production. The Sony HVR-DR60 Hard Disk Recording Unit offers stunning innovations for all aspects of the production process - from acquisition to editing, and onto material archiving. Extremely compact and lightweight, the HVR-DR60 can be mounted on a camcorder, thereby converting it to a 'hybrid' recording system consisting of both hard disk and tape. The benefits of integrating the HVR-DR60 with a tape-based camcorder are limitless. After a shoot, you can simply connect the unit to a compatible nonlinear editor and edit your footage instantly. The HVR-DR60 offers direct access to recordings, which makes the time-consuming digitizing process a thing of the past. And for peace of mind in the field, the HVR-DR60 not only secures your footage by acting as a backup recording device, but also extends recording time to 4.5 hours, allowing long events to be recorded continuously without any cumbersome tape exchanges. And finally, by using the HVR-DR60 as your edit source feed, you can immediately archive the footage recorded on tape. This provides a safe copy of your all-important source footage, and eliminates the time and effort usually required to dub work tapes. Combine the HVR-DR60 with your HDV or DVCAM camcorder for a true taste of workflow innovation.

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