Digital HD Video Camera Recorder HVR-V1U
The professional quality you expect from Sony
The professional quality you expect from Sony

Our professional HDV products offer exceptional quality - only made possible by Sony’s cutting-edge technical expertise. Our world-class semiconductor manufacturing technologies have enabled the development of a new CMOS sensor that offers the image quality to satisfy the most demanding professionals. Employing a 3-chip system, the “3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor” offers high-resolution images with rich and natural colors.

Coupled with advanced technology such as the Sony Enhanced Imaging Processor™ and a high-quality Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar® T* lens, the full power of this imaging system is realized in the HVR-V1E.
HVR-DR60 Hard Disk Recording Unit
Maximizing the efficiency of nonlinear editing

Video professionals can be confronted with tight production schedules and balancing time with creativity can become a dilemma. The Sony HVR-DR60 frees you from such dilemmas by allowing instant editing of your video footage.

The HVR-DR60 offers a unique hybrid concept, in which video material can be recorded to the hard disk and the camcorder tape simultaneously with time code synchronized. Simply connect the HVR-DR60 to a PC running compatible nonlinear editing software. The computer will immediately recognize the recorded data files for a dramatic improvement in editing efficiency. With the HVR-DR60, the time-consuming digitizing process is a thing of the past.

Another huge appeal of this Hybrid configuration is its improved efficiency in archiving operations. With your source footage available on tape and hard drive, you can immediately store the source tape in your video library without making copies to other media. Your work footage is already there on the HVR-DR60 hard disk. Further more, the HVR-DR60 has been developed by Sony as a perfect companion for the HVR-V1U.

Sony’s HDV product lineup has been further expanded, giving you the freedom to be even more productive.
Offering HD quality in a compact,
lightweight and mobile design
The compact professional camcorders manufactured by Sony have introduced a new level of mobility for ENG and documentary-making worldwide with their superior quality and compact dimensions. These camcorders have dramatically revolutionized the traditional methods of capturing video footage. With the new Sony HVR-V1U camcorder, now you can enjoy the same mobility with the breathtaking beauty of HD picture quality. Have the freedom to create video material with much greater creativity and visual impact. The HVR-V1U will pave the way into a new world of HD video productions.
Offering HD quality in a compact,   lightweight and mobile design
Progressive scan acquisition with
2-3 pull-down recording
Progressive scan acquisition with   2-3 pull-down recording

As the pioneer bringing the world of video into cinema productions, Sony has developed an extensive range of HD equipment specially tailored for digital cinema applications. On a worldwide level, low-budget cinema and TV drama creators have eagerly expected an HDV camcorder, one that builds on the same expertise that Sony has demonstrated with its high-end digital cinematography products.

In collaboration with prominent movie and drama creators, Sony has carefully analyzed current and future needs for digital cinema productions. This has given birth to the innovative HVR-V1U, a result of this analysis combined with more than a decade of Sony expertise in developing high-end digital cinema gear. In addition to typical 60i, the HVR-V1U offers 24p/30p progressive scan capture, enabling cinema and drama productions in its compact yet high performance unit. The camcorder also adopts the world's first 2-3 pull-down HDV recording system for storage of the 24p scanned images, keeping your existing HDV1080/60i HDV gear in action. Playback your 24p/30p scan footage using Sony HDV equipment you already have at hand, or feed it to a compatible Non-Linear Editing (NLE) system without changing your HDV deck or monitors - it’s as simple as that.