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Sony offers a range of professional audio recorders ideal for journalists and musicians.


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Sony professional headphones are widely used in broadcast, and recording studios worldwide.


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Sony offers analog and digital mixers that are designed for a broad range of applications.

Microphones - Wired

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Sony offers a wide-range of microphones for ENG/EFP, broadcast, live events and studio use.

Microphones - Wireless

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Sony offers analog and digital wireless microphone systems for a wide-range of applications.


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Sony offers a variety of accessories for use with the full line of professional audio equipment.

PCMD50 Recorder

MDR Professional Headphones

MDR-7500 Series


Portable Recorders

The ideal choice for making superb live musical, nature sound and field recordings.

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Over 50 Years of Microphone Innovation

First Sony Professional Product

Sony enters the Professional Audio Market... The F-600 Omni-directional microphone was Sony's first professional microphone.

Microphones among Sony's first products

The C-37A earned a worldwide reputation by applying a minutia vacuum tube.


ECM series of electret condenser mics

Our ECM Series electret condenser mics broke new ground in the 1960s, appealing to audiophiles who needed condenser performance with simplicity of a dynamic mic.

The C-38 is Introduced

The C-38 studio condenser microphone was the first to incorporate a field-effect transistor (FET) instead of a vacuum tube. Even more versatile was its power source, a 9-volt stacked cell, originally developed for radios. Offering outstanding balance, the C-38 was designed to support a wide range of sound sources. Today, the C-38B microphone continues to be the reliable, affordable choice of recording engineers around the world.


Sony lavaliers became go-to mics in broadcasting

The ECM-50 was a unique Sony design and combined expertise in both the microphone and semi-conductor technology. It was the most commonly seen mic on television at the time.

VHF systems for 40MHz band were introduced

This spearheaded many of the ideas successfully developed and implemented for the first Sony UHF systems in the mid 70's.


Sony gets into the wireless mic business

Offering systems for both field and studio application, ABC is among first customer, proclaiming 'the ideal combination of performance, reliability and versatility. And even looks elegant on camera'.

Crystal controlled UHF systems

A pioneer in wireless microphones, Sony introduced the first wireless mic to indicate accumulated working time in hours and minutes for reliable operation and user-friendliness.


Crystal controlled UHF systems expansion

Introduced at the 1978 NAB show, Sony expands the lineup to include belt pack transmitters for the 400 MHz & 900MHz band.

The PWS (portable wireless system) was launched

Sony broke new ground with the first portable wireless system. The UHF Dual Tuner for diversity reception worked in the 400 or 900MHz band and included a shoulder antenna.


Sony introduced Diversity ENG camera receiver

The WRR analog series features diversity tuning, reliable reception, where each receiving channel takes advantage of two identical antennas and tuners.

Sony is first to introduce a PLL synthesized VHF system

The PLL design provided extremely stable RF carrier with the synthesized wireless mic system providing up to 282 different operating frequencies.


Sony introduces handheld mic for music reproduction

The Sony Space diversity reception system offered an extended operating distance over conventional non-diversity and antenna diversity reception.

Sony develops 27 successors of WRT mics

Sony's development of wireless mics was based on freedom of cables while maintaining high quality sound by employing Wide Band frequency modulation.


Sony introduces direct oscillation PLL synthesized System

Sony was first to introduce this UHF system which eliminated spurious harmonics generated by multiplication circuit used in crystal controlled wireless mic systems.

Sony launches wireless 800-series at the NAB 1991 show

The first UHF wireless to store intermodulation-free special combinations of RF carriers and first to utilize an LCD display on both transmitters and receivers.


The C-800G is introduced

This high-quality sound recording microphone employs a vacuum tube and was designed for the highest possible sound quality. It's the only microphone with a built-in cooling system to reduce noise and distortion. Its smooth frequency response contributes to a warm and natural reproduction of a wide variety of instruments and is known as the most well-respected microphone in the world.

Sony is first to introduce new design for wireless tuners

Sony is first to introduce a unique SAW filter design for wireless tuners. This offers stable reception and superb audio quality, and also enables the unique miniaturization seen in most Sony products.


Sony is first to introduce a slot in type tuner

The WL-800 series offer stable 42-different wireless frequencies and succeeded in making the most of the frequency spectrums than any other wireless mic system.

New Wireless FREEDOM Series

Sony adds new models to the popular 800 Series wireless - at an affordable price. The UHF Synthesized Wireless Mic system offered high quality wireless with mix and match component flexibility.


Sony is first to introduce a dual channel portable diversity tuner

A two-channel (simultaneous), UHF-synthesized Dual Diversity Tuner, this affordable diversity tuner was introduced to meet the demand for two-channel reception in ENG and EFP applications.

Sony introduced a rack-mount tuner system with remote IP

The MB-8N/9F Tuner Base wireless microphone tuner eliminated the need for multiple wireless receivers while accommodating up to four tuners, featuring 188 user selectable UHF frequencies.


Sony introduced low cost UHF diversity wireless system

Sony introduced 1st generation UWP. This series set a milestone with its uncompromised ease of operation, including highly stable audio reception by utilizing a space diversity reception system and proven interference-free multi-channel operation. Since its introduction, the UWP Series has been widely adopted around the world for a variety of applications such as news-gathering, interviewing, professional video production and live events.

WL-800 series expands

New WL-800 Series wireless microphones offers greater flexibility in frequency block selection, plus expands the maximum number of Sony wireless systems that can be operated in one location at the same time.


Sony introduced the world's first ENG slot in 2-ch digital wireless receiver

New digital wireless system for ENG/EFP applications with superb audio quality, stable and secure transmission, pre-programmed frequency groups and simultaneous multi channel wireless system operation.

UWP Series expands

Offered in a broad range of packages, the new rugged design includes robust metal chassis, auto channel scanning, selectable mic/line input, smaller lav mic and backlit capability for receivers.

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DWX Series expands with digital wireless studio system

Designed for artists requiring high RF stability and minimal interference, the new DWX adds robust acoustic feedback protection, switchable RF output levels and a concealed OLED display to illustrate channel, gain and other parameters. Also included is a two-channel rack-mount receiver for studio and live concert use.

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DWX Studio Series expands with interchangeable capsules

Designed for greater flexibility, DWX now offers interchangeable capsules plus supports the use of third-party mic capsules. In addition, the new wireless studio 3.0 functionality can monitor up to 82 transmitters simultaneously and includes a channel plan adviser to find co-existing channels with third party wireless systems.

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DWZ Digital Wireless Series launches

This affordable wireless series comes in four packages featuring 24-bit linear PCM digital transmission, metal construction, easy channel selection and five-band digital eq. Feedback reduction, battery recharging and encryption are also available.

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Sony Professional Services & Programs

Lower costs, increase control and maximize uptime with Sony, a leader in Professional Services.

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Since 1970, Sony Training Institute, the industry education leader, has trained thousands of video professionals like you on the latest service technologies and production techniques. In addition to offering production and post production courses taught with entirely digital or a mixture of digital and analog equipment, Sony Training Institute provides workshops designed specifically to put you on the right track in your transition to digital.

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