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Software License for the PWS4500 live server

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Software License for the PWS4500 live server

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Software License for the PWS4500 live server

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Connecting with an IP network to allow video and audio signals to be received and transmitted.

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SDI Interface Board

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4K / HD multiport AV storage unit for IP network

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BRC-H900 PTZ Camera Package with RC2-HDS Kit

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IP Live Production Unit

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Is there a more cost effective and simple solution?
Accuracy and continuity is essential for live productions. Within a studio, all video images must appear in exact synchronization; genlock.

For example, all camera operators must view the video without delay in their monitors (viewfinders, on-set monitors, etc.) as the various production signals are captured. This means signals from the different cameras, as well as all other sources, must all be cut and mixed without picture roll, jump, or chroma shift. The intercom and tally signals must also be received without delay to allow for proper reaction times by production personnel. Precision is extremely critical to the nanosecond!
hello flexibility, goodbye cables
Typically, the use of coaxial cable for transporting the A/V streams and their synchronized signals accomplishes this level of precision in today's broadcast and production facilities. However, coaxial cables are costly and complicated to install especially in live production environments. It's not unusual to see hundreds of cables connected to routing devices within OB trucks or production centers during broadcasts of live sporting events or concerts.

Is there a more cost effective and simple solution?

Yes! The NXL-IP55 IP Live Production Unit is the ideal solution…learn more by exploring this microsite.
NXL-IP55 Technology Utilizes IP Connectivity.
The NXL-IP55 is a cost-effective IP live production solution designed to simplify multi-camera live production by alleviating complex cabling requirements and instead utilizes IP connectivity between two locations.

This IP production unit has built-in genlock function to allow all essential broadcast signals to be synchronized over an IP network as well as transmit full HD video and audio with very low latency of less than one field (1/2 frame) delay time for a fully coordinated live production.

Other features include:
With its compact and portable design, the NXL-IP55 can be configured into any existing live production system and transmit signals over a LAN infrastructure, making it ideal for multiple camera live production applications such as sporting events or concerts. By utilizing standard IP technology, the remote production environment can be easily simplified compared to a conventional system using multiple coaxial cables. LAN cable is readily available, easy to install and exhibits natural noise rejection.
Multiple Inputs and Outputs
The NXL-IP55 can transmit up to four HD-SDI video streams (three downstream and one up-stream, or two downstream and two upstream) with a maximum of 10 audio channels (eight upstream, two downstream, including bidirectional intercom. Along with video and audio signals, this unit also transmits other essential signals such as genlock, tally and GPIO signals through the same single LAN cable (available separately), delivering a never-seen before IP live production system.
Broadcast Quality Full HD Resolution
There's no need to worry about sacrificing picture quality. The NXL-IP55 utilizes the latest technologies to transmit full HD broadcast quality multi-channel video and audio via a 1-Gbps Ethernet network, providing clear, noiseless video images. This unit supports full HD 1920x1080i and 1280x720p 4:2:2 video formats.
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Explore various options of system configurations.
With its compact and portable design, the Sony NXL-IP55 can be configured into any existing live production system, making it ideal for multiple-camera live production applications such as sporting events or concerts.
NXL-IP55 System Configurations
Frequently Asked Questions for the NXL-IP55

Q What are the key features of the NXL-IP55?

A Some of the NXL-IP55 key features are:
(1) High Quality
      Bidirectional, broadcast quality full HD video audio streams and control data
      Genlock capability over IP network
(2) Multiple Inputs and Outputs
      Four streaming (3-in/1-return or 2-in/2-return)
      Audio, tally and intercom
(3) Flexibility
      Utilizes standard network technology
      Half-rack size

Q What is so unique about the NXL-IP55 versus other products which also transfer video via IP?

A The NXL-IP55 is not simply a video transfer unit, but it can be a part of a "live production system" with all of the features which are requested for professional live creation work such as return video, analog audio interface, tally, intercom, and so on. Conventional systems basically consist of dedicated separate encoder units and decoder units. On the other hand, the NXL-IP55 works with both (multiple) encoder(s) and decoder(s) for bidirectional communication. Another key difference is a Genlock capability over the network for "IP live production".

Q How many video streams can be transmitted bidirectional and with what quality?

A The NXL-IP55 can handle up to 4 HD-SDI video signals in the following modes:
(1) 3 Transmit + 1 Receive
(2) 2 Transmit + 2 Receive
(3) 1 Transmit + 3 Receive

Q How much network bandwidth is required to use the NXL-IP55?

A One Giga-bit bandwidth should be allocated as the dedicated network line if using four HD video streams.

Q What signal formats does the NXL-IP55 support?

A 1080i/50, 59.94 and 720p/50, 59.94.

Q Can the NXL-IP55 accept SD video input / output?

A Unfortunately, no. This unit has just HD-SDI input / output.

Q What are some customer benefits of the NXL-IP55?

A Because the number of cables can be reduced significantly between camera locations and the switcher location, the location of the AV control room can be freely determined. And because the cost of standard Ethernet cable (incl. single mode fiber cable which enables long distance transmission) is so low, the system integration cost can be reduced.

Q Where can the NXL-IP55 be used?

A Basically anywhere a customer has a need for live production: Broadcast station, CATV company, Staging and rental company, Stadium, Event hall, Corporate, Education, Government and HOW customers. Here are just two examples: Where can the NXL-IP55 be used

Where can the NXL-IP55 be used

Q Can more than three cameras be used with the NXL-IP55?

A Yes. But in this case, the number of pairs of NXL-IP55s should be increased with enough bandwidth on the network for these (like 10 Gigabit Ethernet).

Q What are the network requirements?

A The NXL-IP55 has two LAN ports. The Main LAN is to transmit video streams and the Control LAN port is for setting up the NXL-IP55 itself.
- Required Network Conditions for the Main LAN Port:
(1) Network Interface:
  • 1000Base-T
(2) Usable Ethernet Switch:
  • • Up to 5 cascading layers, 2 switches to ensure the required network conditions.
  • • (Layer 2 switch: Gigabit or 10 Gigabit without IP routing function)
(3) Bandwidth:
  • 1Gbps
- Required Network Conditions for the Control LAN Port:
(1) Network Interface:
  • • 10Base-T & 100Base-T
(2) Usable Network Environment:
  • • Internet or public network, Intranet

Q How far can the signal be transmitted?

A In the case of a single-mode fiber connection, it can be some ten kilometers or more depending on the specifications of the network equipment. In an actual use case, the NXL-IP55 succeeded to transmit/receive signals across 300 kilometers of optical fiber.

Q What type of camera can be used with the NXL-IP55?

A HD-SDI output is mandatory for the camera to be connected to the NXL-IP55. And if multiple cameras are to be connected to the NXL-IP55, Genlock input is requested.

Q Does the NXL-IP55 have a control function for Sony Product/Cameras?

A The NXL-IP55 itself doesn't have the control function for the camera. But because some Sony cameras (e.g. HDC-P1 and HDCU/HSCU/HXCU CCU) can be controlled by RCP via IP connection, these LAN control connectors can be simply connected to the hub together with the NXL-IP55.

Q Can Sony BRC cameras be used with the NXL-IP55?

A Some BRC cameras which have HD-SDI input and Genlock input can be connected to the NXL-IP55. Because IP remote control is available for BRC-H900 / BRC-Z700 / BRC-Z330, all video and control signals can be transmitted over a LAN connection if these BRC cameras are connected with the NXL-IP55 system.

Q What codec is used with the NXL-IP55?

A The NXL-IP55 uses Sony's own codec which is especially developed for low latency video transmission for professional live production.

Q Can the data rate be selected?

A Yes. There are two modes of bitrate. "High" and "Low". The "High" mode has a bitrate of about 200Mbps including FEC while the "Low" mode is about 100Mbps including FEC. Please note that the "Low" mode is for monitoring use and the picture quality is not good for broadcast use.

Q What protocol is used for transferring the data?

A UDP is used for the video stream and TCP is used for control signaling.

Q How do you guarantee Quality of Service in the case of UDP?

A Low latency FEC (forward error correction) is included in the IP stream which can maintain enough quality of service under the dedicated LAN environment.

Q Does Sony have any intention to standardize the protocol e.g. make it an open industry standard like SDI?

A This is currently under study.

Q What is the price for one unit?

A $10,000 per unit list price.

Q Will any camera / deck / switcher products with network output directly built-in be planned in the future? Will IP based OB be planned also?

A Yes. We are developing a IP Live Interface Module to be built into a wide variety of equipment. Eventually many products are planned to have a network interface to transmit and receive virtually everything over the network.

Q Is the NXL-IP55 able to transmit/receive 4K?

A Yes. In order to transmit/receive 4K (3840x2160/4:2:2/60P), 4 pairs of NXL-IP55s with new firmware (targeted to be available in July, 2013) are necessary as shown in an example below: Is the NXL-IP55 able to transmit/receive 4K

Q What other feature enhancements are planned to be included in this firmware update?

A Some feature enhancements planned in this firmware update:
When: July, 2013
- Some features to be added:
(1) Support for PsF format
  • • 1000Base-T
(2) Support for Dual Link HD-SDI (Only in "2 Transmit + 2 Receive" mode)
  • • 4K transmission w/ 4 pairs of the NXL-IP55 is possible with this feature.
  • • When inputting Dual Link HD-SDI, only 1 'bundle' of Dual Link HD-SDI is acceptable because Dual Link HD-SDI needs 2 HD-SDI ports.
(3) Import/export function of configuration file
(4) Transmission of embedded lens metadata