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Experience the SONY NXL-IP55, the world's most amazing live production system. Engineered to simplify multi-camera live production beyond imagination, the NXL-IP55 uses IP connectivity to transmit full HD multi-channel audio and video. With its compact design and software-based management system, the NXL-IP55 can be easily configured into your existing live production system.

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Not just live production.

Not just Live Production. IP Live Production.

The future of broadcasting is here. Sony's IP Live Production technology is innovation at its very best. Now you can get accurate, broadcast-quality, full HD AV transmission over an IP network. With seamless synchronization of data over IP, live production is now truly anytime, anywhere.

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Not just Live Production. IP Live Production.
The future is here

For many years, broadcast and video production professionals have been seeking ways to create effective and efficient production environments using the latest technology, while providing the flexibility to support new technologies in the future. One of the goals of any production facility is to identify ways to provide not only a value-added solution which can support both live and post-production environments, but also to create total operational efficiency using IP technology. That’s what Sony’s IP Live Production technology delivers. This state-of-the-art technology uses IP connectivity to provide broadcast-quality video and audio—so you don’t have to deal with complicated cabling requirements or worry if your facility will be ready for future formats like 4K, 8K, and beyond.

The IP Live technology transmits full HD and 4K video with ultra-low latency (less than one video field) ensuring the smooth continuity of your live production. Plus it can integrate seamlessly with your existing SDI infrastructure. Sony’s IP Live Production solutions are ideal for all types of live production broadcasts for entertainment, sports, concerts, education and faith-based events.

Audio & Video Transmission over an IP Network

Seamless and synchronized video switching and transmission
Compatibility with a multitude of formats, including support for SD, HD, UHD, and 4K
"Future-proof" technology will work with new formats in the future
Conventional Live Production

Say goodbye to conventional live production using heavy coaxial cables. Put an end to installing hundreds of expensive, complicated cables and connecting them to routing devices.

IP Live Production

Say hello to IP Live production. Sony’s cutting-edge IP Live technology leverages standard IP technology to take your live production to the next level, making it manageable and flexible beyond belief. Get full-HD AV transmission, with ultra-low latency —and all essential synchronized signals — at your fingertips. No cables, no hassles.

Build your own IP Live Production system

Building an IP Live Production system tailored to your specific broadcast needs has never been easier. With a variety of system configurations available, you can set up your own state-of-the-art IP Live Production system.

Click through the links below to see an IP Live Production system build. Start with step 1, then continue to build in sequence.


The IP Live System Manager is a suite of software tools at the core of the IP Live Production System. It manages key functionality including system setup, network resource management, and authentication.

Audio and Video Processing over IP

Sony’s IP Live Production technology offers a unique operational functionality that puts you in charge. IP Live comes with advanced Network Management tools to maintain efficiency for extremely reliable AV transmission. IP Live optimizes your production environment by combining the distinct benefits of these technologies:

Synch over Network
Clean Video Switching
Video Compression
High-Reliability Transmission
Synch over Network

One of the most important technologies in workflow and operational practices of SDI-based systems is synchronization. All devices in the system are synchronized — to sub-microsecond accuracy — using a common synchronization signal. This guarantees equal phasing for all output signals of the various devices.

The Networked Media Interface (NMI) uses Network Synchronization technology from the SMPTE ST2059 standard. SMPTE ST2059-1 specifies the epoch of 1st Jan 1970 at exactly 00:00:00 (midnight) according to International Atomic Time. It also specifies the A/V signal alignment to this epoch. SMPTE ST2059-2 specifies the particular profile from IEEE1588 that is used in synchronizing equipment in the IP Live system.

NMI provides an option to use a legacy synchronization signal, such as black burst, as the master time source generator for the PTP system. This is an optimum solution to an IP infrastructure when replacing part of an established SDI-based system.


Sony’s IP Live Production technology is ideal for applications that demand high-quality video and audio over multiple locations. From broadcast stations and stadiums to education and church productions, IP Live technology delivers universal access and supremely flexible and reliable AV transmission.


Whether you’re broadcasting from the studio, remotely or from OB trucks, you can count on IP Live technology to deliver long-distance, low-latency and bi-directional AV transmission. All at a lower cost, thanks to reduced personnel and equipment needs.





PWS100NM1 IP Live System Manager Workstation

PWS100NM1 IP Live System Manager Workstation

The Network System Manager suite is the foundation of the Sony IP Live Production system. It manages communications between devices connected on a Sony IP Live Production network. Using Sony’s unique algorithm for optimal network resource management, it stabilizes IP video transmissions to ensure superior broadcast quality. Thanks to Quality of Service (QoS) technology to prioritize transmitted video data or reserve the necessary network bandwidth, the Network System Manager ensures that essential communications speed is consistently maintained.

NXL-FR318 Signal Processing Unit

NXL-FR318 Signal Processing Unit

The NXL-FR318 allows remote monitoring and effective maintenance scheduling for the smooth continuity of your operations. Its 3RU rack-mountable frame holds up to 18 option boards. The option boards allow 4K/HD/SD switchable signals with audio mux and demux options. Equipped with two power supplies for redundancy, the unit is ideal for interconnecting SDI equipment with IP-based infrastructure. Status LEDs on the front panel of the unit allow real-time monitoring, with reference time input and output status provided.

NXLK-IP40T SDI-IP Converter

NXLK-IP40F SDI-IP Converter

Sony has developed the SDI-IP converter to support up to 4K signals, thus adding compatibility with legacy devices with only SDI interface. The SDI-IP converter adds IP interface functionality to conventional broadcasting equipment and can be used for network connections with existing SDI products. This cutting-edge technology ensures that you maximize the benefits of your current SDI-based system, while allowing your live production workflow to continue smoothly.

BPU-4500 4K/HD Baseband Processor Unit for IP Network

BPU-4500 4K/HD Baseband Processor Unit for IP Network

An advanced baseband processor unit equipped with IP interfaces, the BPU-4500 enables IP live production for 4K/HD in combination with PWS-4500 4K/HD XAVC server. It works with 4K/HD cameras such as HDC-4300 to route 4K signals while supporting IP network or enabling long-distance transmission using standard SMPTE fiber cables or single mode fiber solution.

The BPU-4500 can handle broadcast quality HD and 4K video, audio, synchronization signals — and controls data across the IP network, which increases operational efficiency. What’s more, it can integrate seamlessly with your existing SDI infrastructure.

PWS-4500 4K/HD Multi-port AV Storage Unit for IP Network

PWS-4500 4K/HD Multi-port AV Storage Unit for IP Network

The PWS-4500 live server system is one of the key elements of Sony’s next-generation 4K/HD live production solution with IP technology. It incorporates all the functions of the PWS-4400, including XAVC (both 4K and HD) and Avid DNxHD® recording capabilities*, flexible I/O configurations and HFR recording capability.

The PWS-4500 system consists of four products: the PWS-4500 Multi-port AV Storage Unit (as a recording deck), the PWSK-4403 USB Control Device (as a control panel with a jog shuttle and a fader lever), the PWS-100PR1 Production Control Station, (Workstation that runs production application software) and the PWS-100MG1 Media Gateway Station (Workstation that transfers files).

What’s more, thanks to features such as file sharing via 10G networking and a redundant power supply, the PWS-4500 ensures optimum operational reliability.

*Avid and DNxHD are trademarks or registered trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.

XVS-8000 Flagship 4K/3G/HD/SD Multi-format Video Switcher

XVS-8000 Flagship 4K/3G/HD/SD Multi-format Video Switcher

This cutting-edge multi-format video switcher delivers huge benefits in terms of flexibility and operability for your live production. Utilizing the flexible ICP-X7000 X-Panel assignable modular design, you can configure the control panel to suit your specific operations. Support of Networked Media Interface (NMI) puts the XVS-8000 at the front and center of the new generation IP Live production system.

Advanced features and operational flexibility make this Sony’s flagship production switcher, offering ultimate quality combined with significant return on investment:

IP Live Switcher: The core of the new generation IP Live production system supports Networked Media Interface (NMI) for a mixed SDI and IP environment.
Powerful 4K Switcher: 4K production capability is similar to HD production, with 5 M/E, 40 inputs, 12 assignable outputs for 4K and format converter outputs, plus up to 10 full keyers, enabling simultaneous 4K and HD operation, and powerful 4K features.
Evolutionary Switcher Controller: The XVS-8000 uses the ICP-X7000 X-Panel for very flexible panel configuration with a modular style design, OLED display, RGB XPT buttons and LCD button pad. The X-Panel has a flexible mounting style for flat or curved mounting, or for splitting into two positions.

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