Shotgun Microphone

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The ECM-CG50BP is a short shotgun electret condenser microphone with a super-cardioid directional response ideally suited for capturing medium range sound sources. The ECM-CG50BP is best-suited for use with camcorders such as the Sony HVR-HD1000 or HXR-MC2000. It's supplied with a shock-mounted cold-shoe mic holder, furry windscreen and short non-detachable cable including a 1/8" stereo mini plug. The ECM-CG50BP can be powered by plug-on powering or internal AA battery.


  • Uni-directional (Super Cardioid) Electret Condenser Shotgun Microphone, Battery or Plug-on Powered

General Specifications Detail:
Capsule Type Mono Electret Condenser
Frequency Response 40 Hz to 20 kHz
Directivity Uni-directional (super-cardioid)
Sensitivity -48 dB/Pa +/1 4dB
Tuned to be used with camcorder AGC function
Dynamic Range 80 dB or more
S/N Ratio 76 dB or more
Inherent Noise (0dB=20µPa) 18 dB SPL (Average)
Induction Noise from External Magnetic Field -
Wind Noise -
Max SPL (dB SPL)(0dB=20µP) 100 dB SPL
Connector Stereo Mini Plug (1/8")
Cable Length Non-detachable cable with stereo mini plug
13.8 inches
Power Requirements External: Plug-on Power, Internal Battery: 1.5 V
Dimensions ø 27/32 x 10 3/8 inches
Weight 3 oz without battery
3.8 oz with battery

Supplied Accessories

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Cold-Shoe Mic Holder
Mic Spacer
Non-detachable cable (13 7/8" length) with 1/8" stereo mini plug

Product Brochure

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